She danced with the wind ~ Deb

she danced with the wind

“She danced with the wind, her constant companion.” ~Deb

Wind is sexy. It kisses my face. It sends my skirt up around the hidden parts.
It tousles my hair and cools my sweaty neckline.
It always seems to be available to me, since I live near the ocean.

I love to dance.
Alone. Partnered. Fast. Slow. Indoors. Outdoors.
In the kitchen. On the playground. At the beach.

So whenever I need to hit the refresh button, clear my monkey mind or simply get my blood rushing…
I go outside and dance.
It matters not if people are in the park walking their dog or kicking the soccer ball.
I dance.
Just like the early morning when I snapped this photo.
I was wearing a vintage frilly skirt, in the middle of a soccer field.
I danced.
The wind was my partner. I closed my eyes and allowed her to sweep me off my feet.
I giggled. I felt free.

Try it.
Just dance.
Even if you have no wind.
Just dance.

Give it a whirl … and tell me about it below!!

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She danced with the wind ~ Jennifer

She danced with the wind

“She danced with the wind and shone with the sun.” ~Jennifer

I crave serenity. Simplicity. Attunement.
More often than not, I override those needs because I have tasks to accomplish and people to take care of.
In doing so, I risk living my days as lists to manage rather than sources of joy.
And so I remind myself, time and time again, that existence doesn’t have to be black and white.
It can be embellished with highlights of gold and hints of sparkle.
It isn’t a matter of having time for grace and glee.
It’s a matter of consecrating time to experience them.
Pausing just long enough to take it all in:
The magic of an autumn sunrise.
The bursting of milkweed pods, their white filaments waving about.
The scent of dew on fallen leaves.
The twirl of tulle in a sleeping meadow.
The giggles bubbling forth as I dance with the wind.
Just me and the Universe.
Just for a few moments.
Just long enough to remember that we are all filled with light.


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She danced with the wind ~ Bella

bella si3 nov
Sometimes I will think about a prompt for an entire month prior to taking my photo. There are locations I think might work for my photo or a feeling I want to convey in the image.
But this month, I have been very much in my head, retreated inwards, and not very much in the mood for dancing. I thought about how to share this truth for myself and for you who follow us.
I did dread taking this photo but when I stripped down the reasons why, I figured out that I could just show up inside of my truth.
The only dancing happening here this month are the thoughts in my head. I’m staring out of windows and mindfully focusing on the double knit, double purl pattern of the hat I’m knitting before the snow comes. The impending winter is upon us and I am doing some serious work in my marriage and relationships.
This is where I am. I am committed to showing up, but I must share a photo of what is real. I can’t fake it, I don’t think that’s possible to do in self portraiture if you’re using the medium for soul work.
Without regrets, I share with you where I was on this day.
Shift happens.
I’m in the midst of it.

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She danced with the wind


Care to dance? Slow or fast, literal or figurative, it’s up to you! The days may be growing shorter as we head into winter, but there is always an opportunity to dance. Make the time, find the space, throw caution to the wind and dance with it instead!

We’ll be back here on the 14th, 21st, and 28th of November to share the stories behind our photos. In the meantime, join us on Instagram @sheisthree and hashtag your self-portraits #sheisthreedotcom along with this month’s prompt, #shedancedwiththewind so we can find each other.

Psssst…we have another little video for you!


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She made magic ~ Deb

She Made Magic
“She made magic every day of the week.” ~Deb

I don’t need a holiday on the calendar to dress up in vintage underwear and shoot a self-portrait.
I do, however, like the magic of the season.
Masks, glitter, wigs, costumes and facepainting.

I like to have fun. Every. Damn. Day.
Why not? Life is way too short to forget how to play.
So sometimes the routine agenda needs a little magic;
Sprinkled with glitter, purple hair dye, adorned with a funky hat or maybe a vintage twirly skirt.

And then all of a sudden, routine and mundane becomes fun and magical.
The checkout clerk at the store is delighted to see your spark.
The postmaster looks twice at the purple hair and says “I wish I could dye my hair like that.”
The barista high fives you when she sees your temporary metallic tattoos.

This is the time of year when costumes and parties invite us to become someone else…or are we really dressing up to be just like ourselves?

EXTRA :: I can hardly believe I am sharing this with you. But I like to “keep it real” so here goes. The following video clip is an out take of when I had no idea I was filming. I was setting up the camera (in the middle of the night) and of course swatting mosquitoes and shaking up my boobs, without knowing the camera was filming. And yes, I talk to my camera.


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She made magic ~ Jennifer

She made magic


“She made magic when she stopped trying to force it.” ~Jennifer

When my daughter was about a year old, my husband and I often found ourselves saying “Don’t force it.”  If a puzzle piece didn’t fit, she’d try to smash it in anyway.  If one of the drawers in which she had stuffed too many toys wouldn’t close, she’d still push with all of her might trying to shut it.  While I admired her determination, forcing it almost always led to frustration, anger, and disappointment.

Sometimes I catch myself trying to force my own puzzle pieces to fit.  As a mama, I aim to stay on top of everything, but who am I kidding?!  By the time my two little ones are tucked in bed, I’m ready for sleep, too.  As excited as I was about making magic here in October, I felt like I would need logistical superpowers to do so.  While my husband and children were finishing breakfast one morning, I tried to squeeze in a quick photo.  I closed myself in the master bedroom closet with a candle, a tripod, and a camera. I had about thirty minutes, but I couldn’t make the magic happen.  My idea was a flop and my time was up.  I had to move on.

While running errands with my son that day, I wondered what on Earth I was going to do.  As I drove from one stop to the next (passing a steady stream of graham crackers to the chubby hands in the seat behind me, of course), I tried to think of a solution.  Not even one came to mind.  I finally let go.  It wasn’t until late that night while my family was sleeping that the answer occurred to me.  In that quiet space of stillness, I realized that I could make magic in unexpected and unplanned ways.  I could allow it to happen rather than trying to force it.  Then I looked down at the Halloween costume I had surprised my daughter with that afternoon and smiled.  I put on the purple butterfly wings and let the fun unfold.



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She made magic ~ Bella

She Made Magic
“She made magic in a fantasy world.” ~Bella

Lately, I’ve found myself daydreaming on my walks when I pass by something that looks like an entryway or a portal. I imagine that by jumping through I would find myself among the fae living in a lush, magical underworld fueled by glitter, magic, and good energy. Here they are merry, they dance, and they keep watch over the humans who are too busy living in a fast world.

I love living surrounded by trees and greenery. The scenery is a stunning backdrop to many of my self portraits and it is where I feel like my most vibrant self. Nature is my home. From the earth, I eat. From the waters, I drink. It’s all one big circle of connection, a bit overwhelming really when I think about how small we all are in this big world. And yet, I still feel the magic well up inside of me when I see an entryway or feel the love around my being from a realm that is not of this world.

We do live in a world that is fast and big, and in our day to day living, we tend to overlook or completely miss the magic that surrounds us. I’d love to challenge you to brew yourself a cup of tea or coffee, maybe make a fruit infused glass of water and go sit outside in nature. Be still, enjoy your drink, and wait for a magical breeze to blow over you. Allow yourself an escape from what is true for a moment and keep yourself open to believing in magic.


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She made magic


Magic is everywhere.  Do you see it?  Do you feel it?  Magic surrounds us and surprises us; if only we can slow down long enough to perceive it.  This time of year is a mystical one, with changing leaves that enchant us and mysterious Halloween costumes that allure us.  We invite you to to join us this month by taking self-portraits or even filming videos of yourself making magic.  Please be sure to post them on Instagram using the hashtags #sheisthreedotcom #shemademagic so we can see you!

Let’s have a magical October together, ladies!  We’ll be back here on the 14th, 21st, and 28th to share the stories behind our photos.  In the meantime, we made a little video for you!  Enjoy!



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She walked along the street ~ Deb

“She walked along the street, following her heart.” ~Deb

A few years ago I made the hard decision to sell my home in Texas, which was also my business as a Bed & Breakfast.
I wanted to live near my aging parents. I was leaving my friends and community, diving into unchartered waters.
My criteria for living near my mom and stepdad was to be within walking or bike-riding distance. Because when you become a caregiver, it’s easier that way when you receive those 2 am phone calls for help. You can walk down the street in your PJs.

It’s easy to bake a casserole, walk three doors down and share dinner together.
She pours the wine. Our feet are bare.
We watch sunsets from the front porch, until the mosquitoes bite our toes.

My stepdad Jack suffers with Alzheimer’s Disease. So when he is having a good day, it’s easy to walk down the street to share moments of laughter together.

I followed my heart to Florida, even though it broke my Texas heart.

I am here.
Barefoot and finding my happy.


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She walked along the street ~ Jennifer

She walked along the street seeking clarity

“She walked along the street seeking clarity.” ~Jennifer

My morning walk is the quietest part of my day. When I close the garage door behind me, I am off the clock, so to speak. For the forty-five minutes that follow, I have no one to take care of but myself. I can allow my gaze to move across the landscape without worry. I can move my legs as fast or as slow as I want, because there is no one to chase after. I can let my ears relax and tune in to the subtle sounds in my midst: crickets chirping in the tall grass, the occasional call of a robin or a cardinal, geese honking in the distance, leaves rustling, gravel crunching beneath my feet. With each stride, I am one step closer to burning off the fog in my head. As I make my way down the road, the atmosphere clears little by little, too. Before long, the sun peeks through and I see streaks of blue sky appearing. I give myself permission to stop and remember how it felt to watch the clouds go by as a child.

It isn’t just for physical exercise that I go walking. It’s for my spirit, too. Each time I come across a feather at my feet, the road becomes less obscure. Whether I have found the smallest and softest grey dove feather or a large and striking red-tailed hawk feather, I see them as signs.  They remind me that I am not alone. Even if for just a moment or two, I let go of my doubts, fears, worries, and questions. Whether it is thanks to the fresh air, the feathers, the increased blood flow to my brain, or a combination thereof, I always return home with more clarity than I started with.


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