She walked along the street ~ Deb

“She walked along the street, following her heart.” ~Deb

A few years ago I made the hard decision to sell my home in Texas, which was also my business as a Bed & Breakfast.
I wanted to live near my aging parents. I was leaving my friends and community, diving into unchartered waters.
My criteria for living near my mom and stepdad was to be within walking or bike-riding distance. Because when you become a caregiver, it’s easier that way when you receive those 2 am phone calls for help. You can walk down the street in your PJs.

It’s easy to bake a casserole, walk three doors down and share dinner together.
She pours the wine. Our feet are bare.
We watch sunsets from the front porch, until the mosquitoes bite our toes.

My stepdad Jack suffers with Alzheimer’s Disease. So when he is having a good day, it’s easy to walk down the street to share moments of laughter together.

I followed my heart to Florida, even though it broke my Texas heart.

I am here.
Barefoot and finding my happy.


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She walked along the street ~ Jennifer

She walked along the street seeking clarity

“She walked along the street seeking clarity.” ~Jennifer

My morning walk is the quietest part of my day. When I close the garage door behind me, I am off the clock, so to speak. For the forty-five minutes that follow, I have no one to take care of but myself. I can allow my gaze to move across the landscape without worry. I can move my legs as fast or as slow as I want, because there is no one to chase after. I can let my ears relax and tune in to the subtle sounds in my midst: crickets chirping in the tall grass, the occasional call of a robin or a cardinal, geese honking in the distance, leaves rustling, gravel crunching beneath my feet. With each stride, I am one step closer to burning off the fog in my head. As I make my way down the road, the atmosphere clears little by little, too. Before long, the sun peeks through and I see streaks of blue sky appearing. I give myself permission to stop and remember how it felt to watch the clouds go by as a child.

It isn’t just for physical exercise that I go walking. It’s for my spirit, too. Each time I come across a feather at my feet, the road becomes less obscure. Whether I have found the smallest and softest grey dove feather or a large and striking red-tailed hawk feather, I see them as signs.  They remind me that I am not alone. Even if for just a moment or two, I let go of my doubts, fears, worries, and questions. Whether it is thanks to the fresh air, the feathers, the increased blood flow to my brain, or a combination thereof, I always return home with more clarity than I started with.


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She walked along the street

she walked the street in silence


“She walked along the street in silence.” ~Bella

Silence. Some find it uncomfortable, and I can understand that. I have been a part of some very awkward silences and felt that discomfort. It must happen to everyone at some point or another.

Silence. Sometimes my head is so full of voices, I feel it might explode. Being a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and caretaker means I give as much as I receive. Well, sometimes. I wonder what being on the receiving end of me is like. Am I loud? Needy? Whiny? Annoying? Funny? Witty? My head is spilling over with requests, conversations, ideas, questions, jokes, and stories that do not belong to me but to the people I love.

Silence. In the curly smoke of the palo santo that I burn each morning.

Silence. In my head when my feet hit the pavement. With each step, I let it all go. I walk along the street in silence each day. The silence comes in waves but those waves are big, overwhelming blankets that I welcome to stay.

There is no street too busy, any will do. As long as I get out and walk, I get to work out the white noise. It is my therapy.



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She walked along the street


As we walk along the street of self-inquiry together, sometimes a photograph just isn’t enough. Self-portraits tell stories and words connect the dots, but being united by video brings a whole new dimension to a relationship. And so, during our most recent group video call, we decided to share more of ourselves with you. We want to bring reality into the picture by giving you peeks into our lives and our processes. As always, we invite you to join us by tagging your self-portraits on Instagram using the hashtag #sheisthreedotcom (plus this month’s prompt #shewalkedalongthestreet). We also invite you to post short videos as well! Be sure to hashtag those, too! We’ll be back here to share our quotes and the stories behind our photos on the 14th, 21st, and 28th.  In the meantime, we’re looking forward to seeing more of you!



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She worshipped the sun ~ Deb

she worshipped the sun

“She worshipped the sun, even on the darkest of days.” ~Deb

I am a sun worshipper.
I am solar powered.
I live in sunny places like Texas, Mexico and Florida.
My wrinkly dry skin is evidence.
Yes, occasionally I visit the dermatologist for precancerous removals.
And yes, I always wear good sunscreen.

But on rainy, overcast days, I still create a sunshiny feeling inside my home.
Twinkle lights glow around the clock, reminding me to wish upon the stars.
Salt lamps are also glowing in every room, reminding me of Mother Earth and her offerings.
I also collect vintage lights and lamps, so when it begins to get dark outside, you will find me setting the tone of a warm and cozy fireside glow.
Even in the 90 degree sunny weather, I can feel the sunshine inside my home, any time of the day or night!

I used to live in the Pacific Northwest under those cold gray skies, where I learned how to create my own kind of sunshine.
Try things like wearing yellow and orange.
Paint with those bright new colors.
String up twinkle lights, don’t wait for holidays.
Light candles at lunch, no need to save them for fancy dinners.
Splurge on that pretty stained glass lamp you know you want to buy down at the antique store. You will thank me later.

“It’s a shiny tin can of a day, bright but gray” ~ Jarod Kintz

Closing for now with a John Denver tune… “Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy”


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She worshipped the sun ~ Jennifer

She worshipped the sun in humble gratitude

“She worshipped the sun with humble gratitude.” ~Jennifer

I’m not a sun worshipper. Not by any means. My skin has always been the fairest in my family, and I have to be very careful in the sun. As a child, I got far too many sunburns on my body and freckles on my face. My mom always told me my freckles were cute, referring to them as pixie dust or angel kisses, but I was not convinced. No matter how hard I wished, I never got golden skin (or the blonde hair and blue eyes I prayed for).

As an adult, I can see how silly that all was, wasting time wishing I had been born with different traits. We all come into this world as individuals with unique gifts to share and our own lessons to learn. No matter how dissimilar we look or how disparate our paths may be, we are united by the fact that the same sun shines on all of us. There is no shortage of its light. No one can hide it or steal it or hoard it all for themselves. The sun’s light is always there, even when it is obscured by clouds during the day or darkness at night. That same sun warms us, brightens our days, and provides renewable energy. It fosters growth and brings forth natural beauty in the world. While I may not be a sun worshipper per se, I have come to love that bright light in the sky. When I see how it illuminates the wings of a dragonfly, shimmers on the water, or highlights a flower’s petals, I see holiness. It brings me to my knees with humble gratitude.



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She worshipped the sun ~ Bella

she worshiped the sun
She worshipped the sun she found inside of her.” ~Bella

Seek. This word had guided me for so long. I always thought that I would find comfort, pleasure, relief, confidence, peace, love, and all the other good feelings we humans love to feel somewhere outside of myself. I read books. I gathered with people in beautiful places. I have loved and have been loved. Yet still, there was something missing and it felt like a gaping void in my soul.

I shared with a friend that I began to feel like a fraud. My talk was a good one, but I was not walking my walk. And when I say fraud, I don’t mean it in a malicious way. I had a couple of moments of clarity this year where I was able to look at myself deeply and note where I could make changes with big amounts of love and compassion.

The biggest revelation and practice that has come about is that I began to find my inner compass, the place inside of me where all of the feelings I want to swim inside of reside. I learned how to tap into my intuition and weed out a lot of the muck that was blocking this connection. This work is ongoing because the soul runs so deep.

Inside of me is a light. I found it flickering at first but it has been growing and growing and growing. The light has rays that radiate beyond me. It touches the ones I love, the random people I get to talk to during the day, the way I live in and treat my home, and the projects I create. It walks into a room before I do. This light is what I was looking for. It’s been inside of me all along. There is also an equal amount of darkness to compliment it, because I couldn’t have one without the other.

This summer has ignited my love for the heat. I spent time in the high desert under a cloudless sky, sweating out old, toxic ways of thinking. Jumping into a cold river felt like a baptism, a renewal, the right place to begin worshipping the sun inside of me.

On this new moon, I am calling in my angels to guide me as I explore this glowing part of who I am becoming, right now. My light continues to grow as I continue to feed it. Yours does too.


O Love, O pure deep love, be here, be now.

Be all; worlds dissolve into Your stainless endless radiance,

Frail living leaves burn with You brighter than cold stars;

Make me Your servant, Your breath, Your core.  ~Rumi



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She worshipped the sun

Can you believe it’s August already?  Yes, the last full month of summer is here and we want to make the very best of it.  The days are warm but not scorching.  The nights are refreshing but not chilly.  The sun radiates an irresistible light.  And so, this month, we have chosen the prompt “She worshipped the sun.”  Take it literally or figuratively.  Go lightly or dive deeply.  We invite you to make use of the concept however you need.  There is no right or wrong way to journey with us.  Simply use this self-portraiture prompt as a springboard. On Instagram, follow us @sheisthree and tag your self-portraits #sheisthreedotcom #sheworshippedthesun to be included in the pool.   We love dipping into the healing waters there each month and we hope you will, too. 

As always, the three of us will be back here on the 14th, 21st, and 28th to share our quotes and the stories behind our photos.  In the meantime, we send you light as warm and lovely as the August sun.

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She found freedom ~ Deb

she found freedom

“She found freedom inside her stolen moments of solitude.” ~Deb

Remember that feeling as a kid when you were building tents in the living room with bed sheets and card tables,
Sitting inside that soft womb of safety,
Nestled in your own tiny world of make-believe,
Dark and quiet and cozy?

That is what my self-portrait is all about:
Taking a moment to be alone;
To create space for comfort and solitude.

I captured this shot early in the morning, just before the noisy first day of Kids Art Day Camp I am teaching this summer.
Here I sat, with myself, inside a refrigerator box which would later be transformed into a children’s “prehistoric cave.”

Just me. Silent. Peaceful. Calm.

I was reminded that as much as I adore creative gatherings, I also require moments of seclusion.
I thrive on the peace of privacy;
The moment to enjoy my own company,
And the freedom to be at one with myself.


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She found freedom ~ Jennifer

She found freedom from the noise
“She found freedom from the noise.” ~Jennifer

Life is noisy. The alarm clock buzzes. The security alarm beeps. Horns and sirens go off in the distance. Cell phones ring and vibrate constantly. The floor creaks. The water runs. Children whine and cry. Animals near and far bark, meow, huff, screech, and howl. Appliances hum. The radio blares. Adults raise their voices to communicate over the din.

On any given day, these are the sounds I hear. They can feel like blows, hitting me from all angles. Of course there are also lovely sounds to behold in my midst: the children giggling, the cats purring, the rain falling, the wind chimes singing, my husband whispering to me. Sometimes it’s hard to tune out all the background clatter in order to appreciate those soft, sweet sounds, though. I need a break to step outside and clear my head. I stand in the field, letting the summer breeze blow around me. My skirt flutters and my hair flies about. I hear the tall grasses rustling, the goldfinches warbling, the red-tailed hawk calling, the locusts chirping. As the calming sounds of nature wash over me, I find freedom from the noise of everyday life.


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