She trusted ~ Jennifer

She trusted her path and kept walking toward the light

“She trusted her path and kept walking toward the light.” ~Jennifer

Some days it feels like I’m moving so slowly; almost like wading through molasses. I’m not where I thought I would be ten years ago, but I know I’m on the right path. I’ve taken risks and gone on amazing adventures. I’ve also been stubborn and therefore had to learn a few lessons the hard way. I’m not in the career that I spent most of my life preparing for. I actually changed course rather drastically and followed my heart, even when it made no logical sense.

I married relatively late and had my children at thirty-eight and forty, so my husband and I are now in the midst of life with little ones. It’s messy and hectic and frustrating and adorable. It’s also very hard to get things done! But that’s the thing: my life is no longer about just getting things done. It’s about appreciating each day rather than always projecting into the future. It’s about soothing today’s tears and enjoying the giggles. It’s seeing the light shining through my daughter’s hair, and witnessing the sparkle in my baby boy’s eyes. It’s about loving myself right where I am, even though I’m still carrying ten of the forty-five pregnancy pounds I gained this time. I don’t think I could breastfeed my son without them, so I’m okay with the fact that my clothes are a bit tight for now. At least my shoes fit! I pulled these red boots out of the closet for this photo. My daughter loves to clomp around in them and play dress-up. Me too! I secretly refer to them as my superpower boots. I bought them many years ago from an old woman who used to wear them to Red Hat Society meetings. I like knowing where these boots have been, and I know that they have many places to go yet.

It’s a good thing I love to learn, because I’ll always be learning in this life. I must admit that part of me does miss teaching. At some point, I’ll be ready to launch e-courses. When? I don’t know quite yet. But I do trust that as long as I keep walking toward the light, I’ll always be at the right place at the right time.


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She trusted ~ Bella

“She trusted a deep cleansing would make space for her truth to surface.” ~Bella

I am cleansing.
I’m clearing out corners of my home. I’m rummaging through my closet and keeping only what I love. I’m letting go of furnishings and draperies that feel too heavy. I’m scaling back to see what my home style really looks like. I trust that in time this new landscape will slowly show itself.

I am cleansing.
The refrigerator and shelves of my home are stocked with more colorful fresh foods. Gone are the processed and boxed staples I thought we couldn’t live without. We are doing just fine, thriving in fact. I trust that by treating my body with love and care it will become healthier and stronger.

I am cleansing.
I burn the corners of my home with a sage bundle. I open the windows and allow the fresh air to swirl around. It feels like the doorway to my soul is opening up. In the sweltering heat of summer, I can feel my old self melting away. I let go, I surrender, and I trust all of the answers are right here.

My truth resides within me. I trust this more than anything.


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She trusted

She trusted ~ July 2014 triptych

Pictured from left to right:

“She trusted a deep cleansing would make space for her truth to surface.” ~Bella
“She trusted her path and kept walking toward the light.” ~Jennifer
“She trusted the silence to keep her calm.” ~Deb

P.S. What are you trusting this month?  Share your thoughts with us here and join us on Instagram (@sheisthree) by tagging your self-portraits #shetrusted for #sheisthreedotcom. We’ll hold space for you.

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She danced ~ Deb

she danced
“She danced to her own life.” ~Deb

I love to dance.
With or without music.
Move and groove. Shake, rattle and roll.
All genres of music. All times of day. Everywhere I go.

It all began in the early 80′s with Disco Fire and Line Dance Fever. John Travolta.
I taught Dancercise at the local YMCA, making up routines that actually made exercise FUN!
And then Urban Cowboy swept me off my feet ( Hello John again ).
I learned how to Two Step by standing on the boots of my brother as he whirled and twirled me around the dance floor.

The 90′s were weird with Madonna, Cher and Culture Club…but they always somehow made me move!

I morphed into some slow grooves with new lovers and life changes. Falling in love { again } and slow dancing in the kitchen.

Meditation in motion during yoga practice. Salsa Dancing on the side to spice it up.

OK. So here I am, 56 years old, and still love to dance.
And yes it is true, I am that girl who “dances to the beat of her own drum.”

Because life is a dance. And I choose exactly how I want to live.
Some days are fast, some days are slow.

And I can always count on making every single day my own choice.

Johnny Holmes of the Black Cat Choir Band recently told me, “Deb, you dance like happy feels.”

If you care to dance with me, some of my nostalgic tunes are over here: “Dance” … I bet you can’t sit still.
Come get your happy on!!


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She danced ~ Jennifer

She danced to the new song emerging from within her

She danced to the new song emerging from within her. ~Jennifer

It feels so good to be in the season of summer; to have the warmth of the sun and the lushness of green surrounding me again. I’m finding a new rhythm. The early months of my son’s infancy have passed. There is a sadness knowing that I won’t pass that way again, but there is also the joy of now. The nighttime feedings and snuggles to comfort him through the teething process continue, coupled with infinite giggles and chuckles during the day. He and I typically wake with the sunrise. The light he brings has unlocked something within me. I’m more willing and able to tap into my maternal source. I’m not so afraid of mothering this time. And I’m not so reticent about embracing who I am.

On a deep level somewhere that I can’t quite pinpoint, I’m subtly and gradually loosening up. I’m becoming more connected to myself and to this land where we live. My daughter’s love of feeling her feet in the grass reminds me to take my shoes off and do the same. Motherhood is giving me a new sense of childhood. There’s a return to innocence. There’s a lack of inhibition. There’s structure and yet there’s freedom. There are wildflower bouquets to pick and empty snail shells to collect. There are stories to tell. There’s dancing in the morning light to the music of the birds. There’s a sense of setting out to find my place in this big world.


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She danced ~ Bella

Si3 June Bella
“She was at her happiest when she danced.” ~Bella

So June has arrived and with it the heat. Gone are the cold days of Winter. I miss the cold days, and yes, I know I’m in the minority on that :)

I come into the warmer months filled with hope for the sun to shake off the seasonal blues I’ve been carrying since January. I like to think of these blues like a dark cloud following me. There are so many fun and full moments during the Winter, but that cloud is never far off and it always makes its presence known.

Some days I can ignore it, yet on other days, not so much.

People might think I have a happy and bubbly personality, and this is true 95% of the time. I wake up happy. I greet the day with gratitude and set intentions for myself. Do I make it through each day with rainbows shooting out of my head? Nope (though I wish I did).

When this photo prompt came up, I wondered how I would get my shot. My cloud wasn’t completely gone but it was showing signs of departure. So I thought, “just put the music on and see what happens.” And that’s what I did. Music has always been a saving grace for me. I love to dance, it makes me so happy.

I stopped for a minute to throw on my black party dress and turn the volume up, then I spent the next hour dancing my heart out. What a rush, what a great way to release the stress, the anxiety, the fears, the constant chatter in my head. Dancing doesn’t ask you to pay a gym membership … it just requires you to turn on the music and move.

What does dancing feel like for you?

I don’t think the Summer will be so bad, in fact, I love sitting in the sun and going to the beach. A new goal I have for the next couple of months is to turn up the volume and dance a whole lot more! It fills be from top to bottom with good vibes.


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She danced

She danced ~ June 2014 triptych
Pictured from left to right:

She was at her happiest when she danced. ~Bella
She danced to the new song emerging from within her. ~Jennifer
She danced to her own life. ~Deb

We three invite you to dance with us this month! Follow @sheisthree on Instagram and tag your images #shedanced for #sheisthreedotcom all month long. We’ll feature three of you there on the 30th! Here’s to joyful abandon in June! See you in the pool, ladies…

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She altered ~ Deb

She altered ~ Deb
“She altered the way she looked at it.” ~Deb

I have been altering my life for as long as I can remember.
I married young, at age seventeen.
I was ripping my jeans and cutting up t-shirts.
I painted the walls of my room deep purple and hung Peter Max posters.
I explored the wild side of living large, all during my years from age twenty thru fifty.
A few years ago I reinvented my life and bought a home on a Caribbean Island.
Then I returned to the States to alter my lifestyle and fall in love with an Island Man.
Now every single day I make a choice to alter my attitude.
Lately it has become heart-wrenching and soul-searching.
My current situation with aging parents and a broken relationship with a sibling has challenged me to look at things in a different light.
I need new eyes.
I need new strength.
I need a new perspective.
I need to alter my way of embracing each day with a new light.

This photo represents my urgency to continue to look UP.

I am showing up here at She is Three to crack open my heart and bare my soul.

Will you join me?

Let’s all crack up together.

How are you altering yourself these days?


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She altered ~ Jennifer

She altered her outlook and was pleasantly surprised

“She altered her outlook and was pleasantly surprised.” ~Jennifer

I have a bad habit of thinking in absolutes.  Black or white.  All or nothing. Online or offline.  If I can’t do something right, I don’t want to do it at all.  But that mindset holds me back.  It’s self-sabotage.  It limits all the amazing possibilities in a day.

There is so much more joy and wonder when I view things through a lens of abundance rather than live life rooted in a paradigm of lack.  I’m not just one or the other.  I’m the maiden, the mother, and the crone.  I’m a friend, a wife, a confidante.

She is Three was founded to explore the divine feminine essence in us all.  As we grow and change here together, I hope that the healing experience extends to everyone who wants to take part in our monthly journey.  Some days, technology can be overwhelming and ungrounding.  At the same time, I’m learning to embrace social media as a blessing.  It can be a way for us to find one another when we’re ready.  We are all connected.  Things aren’t always jet black or pure white. There are treasures waiting to be discovered in the grey areas.


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She altered ~ Bella

she altered

“Good things happened when she altered her perception.” ~Bella

One ingredient change has required (for me anyway) is listening. I love to hear how my friends go about doing their daily tasks or their creative work. It’s great to hear how someone you know – or someone you don’t know for that matter – processes through something from A to Z.

This ingredient has been vital because I can get so caught up in my own headspace which most times only leads to frustration. A big part of listening means extending yourself with an open heart and sharing yourself back. It’s a give and take.

I can’t tell you how many situations I’ve been through that have been made better by listening to a friend’s advice or by mimicing the way they might go through the motions.

This means stepping out of my box, getting out of my head, and altering the way I look at or do things. When I switch things up, good things happen rather than the same old things over again. This has been a positive move in my growth process.

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