She trusted her love ~ Deb

she trusted her love

“She trusted her love with all her heart, mind, body and soul.” ~Deb

There was a time I did not trust love….being loved, nor loving.
I loved and lived in fear of it dissolving, dying and diminishing.

Falling in and out of love was so easy for me and I became well rehearsed after going in and out of relationships and marriages.

I gave my body away to love. I sold my soul for love. I lost my mind in love.
Love broke my heart one last time.
I was closed for repair.

Then one sunny afternoon in a far away land, love came knocking at my gate.
It was unexpected and ran thru me like a freight train.

I began to ( hesitantly ) peel away the layers.
Strip it down and bare myself.
I cracked open my heart, once again.

I offered and received love with a fresh desire that gave me new hope.

Once again I trust my heart, my mind, my body and my soul.

Backstory about my self portrait.
I needed to strip it down and hold my naked body, honoring my heart and trusting love, once again.
She’s all I got.


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She trusted her love ~ Jennifer

She trusted her love and spoke with her heart

“She trusted her love and spoke with her heart.” ~Jennifer

My husband gave me this heart locket on Valentine’s Day, 2011. I was thirty-seven weeks pregnant with our first child at the time, and very uncomfortable in my skin. I was scared and swollen beyond recognition. I felt terribly unattractive.  Undaunted, my husband trusted that everything would be fine. Us. Our love. Our new family. Our future.

Letting go of fear is not easy for me. I admit to worrying too much and coming up with endless “what-ifs.” I tend to feel things intensely, both the good and the bad. I’ve actually had people accuse me of feeling too much. I’ve also been told that I should be less empathic and more logical. I now understand that I am highly sensitive.  Sensitivity has its drawbacks, of course, but it is also part of what makes me who I am.

Last month, I had a difficult situation in which I needed to speak up and draw some boundaries for myself and my family. I don’t like conflict. It was anything but easy. I was a sobbing mess in the end, but I did it. I trusted love:  the love I feel for my husband, my children, myself, and even the person who had upset me. I didn’t speak from a place of anger. I spoke straight from my heart, where the words are pure. A few days later, I came across this locket that I’ve had tucked away in a drawer for the last four years. I put it on as a reminder that everything really is okay. Things aren’t always easy and I make lots of mistakes, but I know that truth and love can be trusted. I know that when I tune in, my heart doesn’t lie.


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She trusted her love ~ Bella


“She trusted her love would lead her in the right direction.” ~Bella

I’m a dreamer. I am a creator. I am most certainly a talker.

I love to create dreamy photographs – mostly stills, landscapes, and moments as they are happening. Lately though, (and surprisingly), it hasn’t been photography flexing my creative muscles, it’s been my writing.

This has come as a bit of a shock to me, as I have always said, “I’m not really a good writer.” Whether that’s true or not has no bearing on the fact that I really love to write and wholeheartedly believe that with practice, my writing could improve.

I spent the entirety of last Autumn and this never ending Winter writing content for courses of work I want to share. It’s rich and intense work that interests me, that feeds my soul, and that will appeal to exactly who needs to be by my side to do the work with me. (This is what I have found to be most true: you attract the tribe you need at the exact time you need them).

That dreamer part of me believes that any and everything is a possibility. Call myself a crappy writer, and that’s what I’ll be. The dreamer in me says “keep writing, things will all come together as they should.”

My heart, that deep part of me that knows intuitively that I am on the right path, urges me to continue to follow my intuition. I don’t know how, but I know that it will lead me to elevated places and love soaked spaces. The levels which I believe I can soar to are miles above what I believed was possible yesterday.

My heart leads me, and that’s how I know I am on the right path.


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She trusted her love

She trusted her love ~ February 2015 triptych

This month, we’re uncovering ways that we trust our love.  The three of us invite you to tune in to your heart and ponder the idea as well.  How would you interpret the concept of trusting your love in a self-portrait?  Pick up your camera and give it a try as often as you feel called throughout February.  Join us in our community pool on Instagram by tagging your self-portraits #sheisthreedotcom and #shetrustedherlove.  We’d love to see you and support you there.

We’re revealing our February triptych today, but our quotes will remain hidden for now.  Visit us here each week as we share our quotes and tell the stories behind these photographs.

In addition to this month’s prompt, we’re spicing things up with our 7 Days of Love Self-Portrait Challenge on Instagram!  Follow us @sheisthree for the details, and have fun with the prompts!  We’ll begin on February 8th and conclude on Valentine’s Day!

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She set the intention ~ Deb

she set the intention to be gentle with herself

“She set the intention to be gentle with herself.” ~Deb

This is my year to move into a gentle space.

Less anxiety and anger about family issues.
Less sorrow about broken relationships.

More love and light about the chosen family by my side.
More joyful moments that make me laugh and smile until my cheeks ache.
More soft decisions that really do matter at the end of each day.

I will be gentle with myself even when it feels prickly and painful.
I will be gentle with myself even when others want to play rough.
I will be gentle with myself because I deserve it.

Backstory: I am holding a little jar of found feathers that remind me to fly free.


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She set the intention ~ Jennifer

She set the intention to live joyfully

“She set the intention to live joyfully.” ~Jennifer

I miss Joy. She’s an old friend who is always there for me, no matter what. Even when I ignore her or feel undeserving, she doesn’t give up on me.

I miss how she makes me smile, how she fills my spirit. I’m never quite sure how or when, but I gradually drift away from Joy. I forget how essential she is; how she makes life sweet and bright. I get so caught up listening to Should and Must that I push Joy aside.

Eventually, the day comes when I realize with a furrowed brow that I’ve been tuning her out. I have to convince myself that I am worthy of Joy and her many gifts. She makes everything feel lighter, happier, better. She is effortless. She is glee. She is my son’s squeals of delight when he hears Dada come in at dinnertime. She is the look on my daughter’s face when we play silly games, complete with props and pretend voices. She is the loving email from a friend who speaks my heart language. She is the feeling of absolute bliss when I wander in a meadow of wildflowers. She shows up every time I hear the song my husband and I danced to at our wedding. She is the one who always guides me toward goodness, reminding me that I am free to choose happiness over guilt, fear, stress, and so-called obligation.

Joy is pure, kind, and radiant. I don’t want to be estranged from her again. I set the intention to invite her back into my everyday life, and I’m watching for all the beautiful ways she manifests. Joy never fails me. She doesn’t judge or hold grudges. She is one of the best friends in the world. Joy is a gracious and gentle teacher, always lifting me up and showing me how to be my best self.


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She set the intention ~ Bella

She Set the Intention
“She set the intention to start chasing the light.” ~Bella

At the close of every year, I choose a feeling or an intention or a word I want to carry into the new year ahead. It’s become a ritual of sorts. I light a candle and sit down to write all of the feelings I want to let go of, ones that no longer serve me or that I simply have no more room for. I then decide what I get to carry into the fresh new year with me.

This year more than ever, I wanted light. After a sad ending to last year, I wanted shiny, glowing light to surround me, my family, and my home. I asked out loud for light in my color choices, lightness throughout my days and my wardrobe, lighthearted conversations filled with laughter, and to feel lighter in my skin.

I want to make over my home, room by room, in a palette of glistening beach colors with white accents. Gone is my love for the macabre, the dark woods and chocolate brown walls I once loved, and the black tops that define me.

I want to chase the sun both with my camera and on a picnic blanket with my loves by my side. Rather than staying indoors I want to be out. And so, I must begin the chase now because my heart is telling me I need the light, copious amounts of it at that!

Each morning I wake up and say a prayer for light to envelope my heart. My intention is always on evolving to a better and brighter place. What better way to start than with asking for and then chasing the light?


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She set the intention

She set the intention ~ January 2015 triptych

A new month, a new year, a new triptych! The three of us sat with our thoughts and set our intentions, but we’re not revealing our quotes just yet.

Right now, we’d like to focus on you. What intention(s) did you set for 2015? If you haven’t done so yet, there’s still time. We three invite you to join us for some intention setting this month. Think it over. Jot your ideas down. Capture the concept in a self-portrait and then release it to the world. Do it as many times as you like, all month long. Remember to tag your images #sheisthreedotcom #shesettheintention on Instagram so we can find one another.

Here’s to a lovely new year, ladies…


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She walked away ~ Deb

she walked away

“She walked away from 2014 into the unknown.” ~Deb

Dear 2014,

I am walking away from you.

Unrealized dreams.
Apologies never received.
Broken relationship unmended.
Unfinished projects.

I release the responsibility of my unrealistic expectations.

I march forward without my word of the year ( gasp )
I raise the bar of my own creative productivity.
I lower my expectations to achieve more than I can handle.
I forgive the one who never shows up to bridge the gap.

I am comfortable with the unknown.
I stand firm with what I do know.
I look forward to learning, growing and opening myself to new adventures.

I am ready to walk into the new year with high hopes.
I will be gentle with myself.
I will not look back.
I walk on.
I let go.


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She walked away ~ Jennifer

She walked away from the darkness

“She walked away from the darkness.” ~Jennifer

This year has been challenging, eye-opening, rewarding, and exciting. It has also been dark. I’ve had to face my shadow, and it wasn’t pretty. Functioning on too little sleep while riding the rollercoaster of postpartum hormones was often hellish. Many days, I felt as though I were straddling two worlds, with one foot being pulled deeper into the Underworld and the other barely touching Earth. I often wonder why my journeys through pregnancy, nursing, and weaning seemed more like Greek myths than rosy experiences. I try not to dwell on those questions, though, because I’ve learned a lot on this path. Marriage and motherhood have brought me to my knees at times, forcing me to look at myself in the mirror when I least wanted to. I’ve seen insecurities, defense mechanisms, and fears that I never had to acknowledge when I was single and independent. Passing through such darkness has made me appreciate and trust the light more than ever. The sun hasn’t shone here in almost two weeks, but I know it will again. As I celebrate the Winter Solstice today, I’m choosing to move beyond the darkness. I no longer fear the longest night of the year, because I now recognize that even darkness has its time and place. It has taught me a great deal about my strengths and weaknesses, and it has inspired me to move closer and closer to the light.


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