She regained her strength ~ Deb

she regained her strength
“She regained her strength one step at a time.” ~Deb

I got lazy.
I wasn’t showing up to the gym.
My springy step was losing its bounce.
My yoga mat was lonely.

I felt slow and sad and sluggish.

So I bought a fun pair of shoes.
And some colorful workout duds.
I renewed my membership at the gym.
I started walking at the neighborhood park…five. miles. every. damn. day.

One step at a time, one mile at a time, I am getting stronger.
I am standing taller.
I am lasting longer (giggle)
I am breathing deeper.

My legs are leaner.
My belly is flatter.
My back is firmer.
My heart is happier.

And that’s truly what matters.
My 57 year old body is still squishy and curvy.
My saggy skin encases some brittle bones.
But oh that heart…my happy heart!!!

That’s what really matters at the end of every single day.

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She regained her strength ~ Jennifer

She regained her strength ~ Jennifer

“She regained her strength by listening.” ~Jennifer

Life doesn’t have be a struggle. I want to live mine motivated by bliss rather than fear.  I want to feel ease rather than pressure; flow rather than resistance.  I want to be strong in the softest of ways.

I’ve come to realize that I need to listen in order to fulfill my purpose.  I need to tune out all of the external noise and keep following my inner compass.  I need to take note of the sights and sounds along my path, for that path is unique to me, just as yours is unique to you.
Sometimes I lapse into old beliefs about scarcity.  I worry that I have to act fast and push forward no matter what or else I’ll miss out.  I still have days when I doubt my own rhythm because the rest of the world appears to be moving at an impossibly fast pace.
At the beginning of this month, my family’s schedule was especially full.  Each day there were either appointments, home repairs, classes, injuries, or mishaps that made accomplishing the household basics a challenge.  I couldn’t keep up. I felt tired and uninspired.  I withdrew from the online world and focused on my home life.
Just as I was wondering how on Earth to meet deadlines and squeeze in time for creative projects, I came upon the perfect message.   We had just pulled into the driveway at my mother-in-law’s house.  While unloading the car, wrangling little ones, and exchanging kisses in the front yard, I saw two small black and white feathers right there on the ground in front of me.  Somehow, I was the only one to notice them.  I carefully picked them up and took them home with me that night.
Although I’ve never seen woodpecker feathers before, that is what I believe them to be.   How appropriate that I would find feathers from a bird that pecks so distinctively and so rhythmically.  They reminded me to keep listening to my own rhythm and trusting what I hear.  I feel strong again, and all I did was lift those two tiny feathers.  It was no struggle at all.


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She regained her strength ~ Bella

she regained her strength

“She regained her strength by breathing in the scent of life.” ~Bella
She watched the forest behind her home come back to life.

Lush green blossomed everywhere.

She felt like anything was possible.

She walked barefoot in the silky grass among the dandelions.

“What if I sit down right here and breathe in the scent of new life?”

It was a thought that she acted upon.

She doesn’t always like to be outside, but on this day she paid attention to the sound of the wind blowing through the trees.

It beckoned her forward, called her to sit and get rooted.

So she did.

She picked a dandelion and breathed in its earthy scent.

Her spirit soared and her heart grew.

Her joy muscles strengthened and her worries were carried away by the wind.

She felt connected to the earth, to her piece of land, and to herself.


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She regained her strength

As flowers bloom and temperatures rise, we’re spending more time outdoors. By reconnecting to nature, we’re reconnecting to ourselves and regaining our strength…the strength we knew we had in us.

Please join us this month as we explore and discover ways of getting our strength back. How are you regaining your strength? We’d love to see. Be sure to tag your self-portraits #sheisthreedotcom #sheregainedherstrength on Instagram so we can follow one another’s journeys.

As always, we’ll be back here on the 14th, 21st, and 28th to share our stories with you.

Our wish for you this month is that you regain the strength you knew you had in you all along…

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She replenished ~ Deb

she replenished
“She replenished herself and quenched her thirsty soul.” ~Deb
re-plen-ish: fill up again. restore to the former level or condition.

Once a month I gather beautiful glass jars and bottles of clean water to bathe in the Full Moon light.
I surround the jars with crystal quartz for extra charge.
I sip my sacred Moon Water for the next several days with the belief that my body and soul are being replenished, nourished and hydrated with new energy.

You see, I don’t drink nearly enough water. I sip coffee in the mornings and wine all day. Never soda. Sometimes fresh squeezed juice. An occasional cocktail or craft whiskey on the rocks. Hot tea before bed.

Time for a cool change.

It has been 14 days since I had an alcoholic drink.
I feel light as a feather, and my pocket book seems fatter!

I love change. This is a good one. A new start to “restore to the former level” of my own health. I am back in the gym. I am swimming in the ocean again. I walk five miles every day.

And I am drinking more water than I have pretty vessels for!!
I am not on some sort of crash cleanse…YET! I already eat clean and mindfully.

I am just always shaking things up a bit and this one feels right.


We here at She is Three shoot self-portraits each month to help tell our story. I was past the deadline and it was raining, so I scurried into the backyard with my tripod and remote timer. Standing under the palm tree, holding the water bottle in one hand…setting up my position…dropping the remote onto the grass…
1…2…3…SHOOT!! Reaching down to pick up my remote to find it in a small pile of raccoon poop!!


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She replenished ~ Jennifer

She replenished her entire being with the elements of spring
“She replenished her whole being with the elements of spring.” ~Jennifer

I don’t have to see something to believe it. I have to feel it. The arrival of spring this year was no exception. After spending an exceptionally cold and dark winter feeling trapped indoors, I desperately needed to get outside.  I longed to remember what spring feels like.

April brought sudden rains that lasted for days, but I greeted them with gratitude. They washed away the last mounds of snow, exposing grass I hadn’t seen in months. The abundance of water also brought back the vernal pond just south of the pine trees. It only comes once a year, sometimes lasting mere days, but it is always a sign of spring.

One chilly morning at the beginning of this month, the sun finally broke through the clouds. Even though I could see the wind whipping about, I got dressed and ran outside. When I reached the edge of the vernal pond, I didn’t stop. I felt compelled to walk right in. I wanted spring to surround me in every way possible. I needed to sense the icy water at my feet and the crisp wind in my hair. Wrapping myself tightly in my coat, I lifted my face to the sun and stood there, allowing my entire being to be enveloped by the elements. Although it was thirty-six degrees out (make that twenty-six degrees with the wind chill), I continued to stand there.  Even when I discovered that my old green boots are no longer waterproof, I stayed.  My face began to tingle and my eyes were watering, but I finally believed in spring. I felt invigorated, hopeful, and replenished.


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She replenished ~ Bella

 She Replenished  

She went to the water and she replenished her soul.” ~Bella

We bathe in water to cleanse ourselves. We baptize ourselves into our faith in water. We drink glass upon glass to sustain our life force. Our dry lands and parched trees will not survive without it. Water heals. Water nourishes. Water replenishes.

When I find myself in a creative slump, I head to the water. Ocean, lake, or quiet stream, when I am near a body of water, I can clear my mind of all the clutter and come back to center alignment.

I might have referenced the particularly cold winter we seem to be emerging from. (Actually, I did in my last three posts). This will be the last time I speak of it. The sun has come back out of hiding and the buds are beginning to surface on the tips of the trees. Spring is on the horizon and my soul needs replenishing.

I go back to what I know.

I stand at the water’s edge and allow the winter to fall away from me. Last month I spoke of imagining myself inside of this new season. I am almost there.

The water is my companion. It will nourish my soul.


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She replenished

This month, we’re delving into the concept of replenishment.  Each of us is different, yet we all want it on some level.  We crave it.  We need it.

What does replenishment mean in your life right now?  In what way(s) are you depleted?  How is your body/mind/soul calling out to be refreshed and recharged?  How will you answer?

We invite you to use self-portraiture as a tool for answering these questions.  Join us throughout April by expressing your interpretation of the theme “She replenished.”  Wade into our community pool on Instagram by tagging your self-portraits #sheisthreedotcom  and #shereplenished.  You can also visit with us here on the blog and on Facebook.

We’ll be back here to share our quotes and stories behind the photos on the 14th, 21st, and 28th.   In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you as you seek and find replenishment.

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She prepared for a new season ~ Deb

she prepared for a new season

“She prepared for a new season with seeds of hope for change.” ~Deb

I have a Gypsy Soul that wants to rock and roll.
My restless heart longs for deeper connections.
I bore easily so I crave CHANGE.
My art becomes stagnant so I enroll in workshops and take on new skills.
My wanderlust tendencies begin to rumble.

So I planted my first garden (in Florida).
I am preparing for a new season of growth and awareness.
I want to slow down and plant some roots.
I hope to dig in and get grounded.

I watch the seedlings grow and change every single day.
I nurture their growth, just as I am reminded to tend to my own.
And every now and again, I harvest a sweet little radish, pick a hot pepper or gather a bouquet of fresh herbs.

Now that is what gives me hope.

How about you?
What gives you hope these days?


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She prepared for a new season ~ Jennifer

She prepared for a new season ~ Jennifer

“She prepared for a new season by beckoning to the green of spring.” ~Jennifer

I have a great big huge case of cabin fever. Winter this year was the worst I can remember, and I really do mean that. Between the sub-zero temperatures, the feet upon feet of snow, and the steady stream of sicknesses in my house, it has been intense. The germs, the grey skies, and the bleak landscapes have gotten to me.

I want to open all the windows, pick daffodils in the rain, and feel the spring air blowing against my skin. I want to experience change. I want to hold new growth in my hands. I want to swim in a sea of emerald green. I want to smell fresh earth. I want to move my body and infuse my home with bright energy.

Yesterday was the vernal equinox, the day I’ve been looking forward to. Something about seeing the calendar declare it’s spring gives me that extra bit of hope I need to trust in nature’s rhythms. Warm weather will arrive. The skies will clear. Tulips, violets, and hyacinths will bloom.

It snowed here yesterday. The forecast looks rough for the next ten days, but I know that the cold and the darkness will pass. They always do. In the meantime, I’ll keep wearing shades of green, splurging on flowers at the grocery store, admiring the houseplants, and watching out the window for signs of the new season.

***         ***         ***

To help ring in spring, you are invited to take part in She is Three’s 7 Days of Spring Fever Self-Portrait Challenge. We began yesterday, but it certainly isn’t too late to jump in! With seven prompts in seven days, this is a great ritual to declare your desires, invite change, and literally show up. We hope to see you in the #sheisthreedotcom pool on Instagram!


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