She forgave ~ Bella


“She forgave so that she may be forgiven.” ~Bella

Maybe she still struggles
with forgiveness.
There is a pain in her chest,
a wound that is raw, still fresh.

‘Let it go’ says her friend.
And she knows it’s time to
say goodbye forever.

She is learning to accept
stories that will always be part of her.
She just has to choose which ones are worth her energy, which ones deserve to be revisited.

Her sweat is as salty as yours.
She knows this.

You can’t get what you don’t give.
That is why she chooses to forgive.
She is praying for forgiveness.

And now she can let go.
She can give up the struggle.


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She forgave

She forgave ~ April 2014 triptych

Pictured from left to right:

“She forgave so that she may be forgiven.” ~Bella
“She forgave herself for getting angry.” ~Jennifer
“She forgave her old self.” ~Deb

The three of us wish you forgiveness this month.  We invite you to join us on the 14th, 21st and 28th when we share our individual stories.


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She remembered ~ Deb

she remembered
“She remembered to slow down and take five deep breaths.” ~Deb

Sometimes I forget.
I spin out of control.
My breath goes only as deep as my throat chakra.

When I remember to belly breathe, my days are easier.
My step feels springier.
I feel lighter and cleaner and so much more focused.

I adopted the hashtag #fivedeepbreaths after Liz Lamoreux inspired me on Instagram.

I plan to print this photo and keep copies all around my home, in my car and pack inside travel bags for gentle reminders.

Come on.
Breathe with me, right now.
Five deep long slow ones.

Much better, right?

So simple.

Let’s remember together.


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She remembered ~ Jennifer

She remembered to listen for angels

“She remembered to listen for angels.” ~Jennifer

I love tranquility. I love the sound of the wind blowing through the trees, the frogs peeping in the springtime, the soft breaths of a sleeping baby. I love it when the house is so quiet I can hear my own thoughts. That’s a rare occasion lately. Motherhood can sometimes make me feel like I’m losing my mind. Except I know I’m not crazy. And I know that silencing my inner judge in order to tap into divine guidance isn’t crazy either.

One of my greatest challenges in my adult life has been overcoming fear. Fear of what I know. Fear of what I don’t know. Fear of what I can do. Fear of what I can’t do. Well, I’ve learned that fear is nothing but misplaced energy. It’s a great way to self-sabotage, which keeps me from sharing my good with the world.

So when I found a window of time to take this photo (thank you for napping, my little ones!), I felt called to express something different than I had anticipated. Nothing felt right until I picked up this redtail hawk feather which I keep on my dresser. It was given to me many years ago by a dear mama bear in North Carolina named Pat. She knew the redtail hawk was my mom’s totem, so when I moved overseas, Pat strung together a keepsake made from her own wedding pearls and this feather she had found. This month when I picked it up, I felt reconnected to the wise women who knew me so well and to the angels I know are out there. I felt re-membered and ready to listen.


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She remembered ~ Bella

she remembered

“She remembered what it was like to have fun again.” ~Bella

Some of the most debilitating puzzle pieces that accompany an anxiety disorder are the fears toying away at the back of your mind and that almost everything feels like it has a heaviness attached to it.

I carry a lot of weight on my shoulders that rationally, I shouldn’t pay any mind to. But fear and worries are the irrational beasts I struggle with from time to time, and if you can relate, then you know what it’s like.

So like a lot of people, I chose a word to guide me through 2014 with companion words for each month. My word for March is: FUN. How does a serious girl start having fun? I looked to instagram for inspiration. My ultimate #1 inspiration is Deb Taylor, my sister here at She is Three. This woman lives her life with no inhibitions, incorporating color, play, and love into her days. She salutes the sun in the morning and toasts the evening with a glass of red.

Deb is just one example of many sources of inspiration I have found through instagram and pinterest. “She remembered what it was like to have fun again.”

YES. I only think of myself as serious because I’ve come to believe that story. I’ve repeated in my head hundreds of times. Let me step out of the box for a minute. Am I more than just serious? I have to be.

What do I like to do for fun that might actually lift my spirits and transport me into a better mood? The list is long.

I forgot how good it feels to laugh until I’m crouched over with tears in my eyes.

I forgot how much I love to dance.

I forgot that the colors I choose to wear can make or break my day, so it might be time to stop wearing so much black clothing.

To define myself with just one word is an injustice to all the facets of my personality. This month I’m remembering what it was like to feel carefree, rediscovering what was fun, and exploring new ways to get my giggle on.


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She remembered

She remembered ~ March 2014 triptych

Pictured from left to right:

“She remembered what it was like to have fun again.” ~Bella
“She remembered to listen for angels.” ~Jennifer
“She remembered to slow down and take five deep breaths.” ~Deb

Feel free to share a memory with us in the comment section.
(We hope you will…)


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She fell in love ~ Deb

she fell in love
“She fell in love {again} with her yoga practice.” ~Deb

It was a difficult break-up.
I fell off the mat (not literally) a few months ago.
I simply neglected my practice.
I quit going to the gym and my mat stayed all rolled up and cute near the front door.
Right next to the green grocery bags, recycle bin and camera tripod.
You know, all those things you grab with intention on your way out the door.

But one day I recognized my shallow breath, achy back and curvy tummy.

So I flirted with the rolled up turquoise rubber.
Her curves so sexy with a design that seemed familiar and similar to my new tattoo.
She longed to unfurl.

I took her in my arms, laid her below me and stretched out on top of her.

My breath was deep.
My legs outstretched.
My chest opened.
My heart softened.

I fell hard.
In love once again with Tree Pose, Down Dog and Child Pose.



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She fell in love ~ Jennifer

She fell in love with what she already had

“She fell in love with what she already had.” ~Jennifer

This month I learned a lesson in resourcefulness. It’s been the coldest and snowiest winter I can remember, and I’m starting to get cabin fever.  I was planning to celebrate love and lift spirits by using some fresh-cut flowers in my photo. Flowers always brighten my day.  But then my plan was foiled. We had yet another snowstorm. The thought of heading out to procure props with an infant and a congested toddler was a great big no. I put it off for a couple more days, expecting the roads and the stuffy noses to clear up. They didn’t. Plus, my daughter discovered how to climb out of her crib in the middle of the night and wander down the hall. I woke up finding her inches from my face. I put her back to bed, only to have her climb out again and wake my husband. Then my son got up more than usual for feedings. By the time the sun rose the next day, the last thing I wanted to do was open my eyes, let alone take a self-portrait.

I wasn’t feeling lovely. The photo idea I had in mind wasn’t going to happen. Then I realized that it wasn’t supposed to. I was meant to see that I already had exactly what I needed at home.  Just a few feet away from where I was lying half asleep on the bed next to my son’s crib, I noticed the cyclamen plant. Its heart-shaped leaves were reaching toward the morning light shining through the window. 

There it was, right in front of me: a glowing green symbol of love.  A reminder that I already have the husband and the children my heart always yearned for. All I had to do was look at my everyday life. Love isn’t always easy, but it sure makes life beautiful.


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She fell in love ~ Bella

she fell in love

“She opened up her heart and fell in love.” ~Bella

I don’t know what came over me.

Growing up we always had cats but never a dog. My husband and I, in all of our years together never had a pet. Then came my daughter and we indulged her love of all things furry and four legged by adopting the neighborhood stray cat and getting a rabbit. That was about as far as I was willing to go when it came having pets.

Everyone else in my family had dogs. My sister and brother have always kept big boxers, and I loved them yet I still didn’t know what that bond was like.

Something changed last year when I really began yearning for a dog. “How could I have a dog?” I thought. I came up with every single reason possible that would keep my heart closed to the idea. Too much work. Who wants to house train a dog? What if it’s a yapper? I don’t know how to take care of a dog. But what kept tugging at my heart strings was that I couldn’t deprive my daughter of the experience. She wanted a dog so badly, and then I did too.

It was love at first sight when I saw Trixie. When I asked to hold her, it was over. She was ours and would come home with us that night.

It’s been almost a year since since Trixie came into our lives. All of our hearts, mine especially, have expanded in ways we couldn’t have imagined. I opened myself up to saying yes despite all of my hesitations, and I fell in love. The bond we have is so special. It’s a kind of love I’ve never known but cannot imagine living my life without it.


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She fell in love

She fell in love ~ February 2014 triptych

Pictured from left to right:

“She opened up her heart and fell in love.” ~Bella
“She fell in love with what she already had.” ~Jennifer
“She fell in love {again} with her yoga practice.” ~Deb

What are you falling in love with this month?

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