She stood taller ~ Vivienne

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The Stories Behind the Photos

In the beautiful way that new projects evolve, we are adding a new aspect to She Is Three.  Each month you will get to see our collaborative triptych inspired by a statement that we chose  (but that will always start with She).  Then throughout the rest of the month you will get to hear the stories behind the photos.

As well, with this new addition, we’re also changing the dates around so you’ll see our new March triptych appearing much earlier in the month.

Sometimes these stories might be silly, truthful, deep, simple…really whatever the story behind the image is for each of us that month.  Like Deb said in our discussions of this that the images will be “ranging from the deepest truth to maybe how funny it was trying to capture that perfect shot without fishing boats in background or seagulls shitting on your camera..yes, shitting”.

We love the idea of sharing the story behind the photos as with self-portraiture, what the viewer sees tells one story.  Yet there may be a deeper story behind it too.

We want to let you into all of that storytelling through this project.

Today I’m beginning the ‘Story behind the Photo’.


“She stood taller, finally believing (after all these years) that she is beautiful, just as she is.” ~Vivienne

I headed out to take this photo and put on my striped socks and new thrifted little heels.  They felt like an odd combo to me but that was indeed part of the story behind the story.

I used to wear striped socks almost every day.  They just felt like they spoke of who I was through my clothing.  Yet in the last couple years I stopped wearing them, not out of a lack of love but out of an evolving sense of self and how I express it externally.

I teach classes that encourage women to see themselves in a new light, to rebuild their relationship to self-image and I do so because I know the importance of it all too well.  I have days, weeks, years, decades where I don’t believe that I am beautiful.  Taking self-portraits became a way to take control, to have something to root into when I felt like I was floating away.

I’m finally starting to date again after a long stretch of being single and like a good friend and I discussed…it is really a matter of getting out of our own way.  Issues around self-worth have stood in my way like boulders.  I’m building up muscles and pushing those boulders away and what is left behind is someone who is finally believing that she is worthy of love.

Lately when I look in the mirror at my 34 year old self I see her more clearly.  I always knew I would thrive more in life as I got older.  I see her growing hair and her quirky glasses.  I see her grey hairs appearing and love them.  I see her body that dances and runs and has mighty curves.  I see her now, here, finally as beautiful. Just as she is.


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8 Responses to She stood taller ~ Vivienne

  1. Your are so beautiful, Vivienne, and so is your courage. You have changed my life and the lives of so many other women through your workshops. Thank you for sharing yourself with the world, and for being part of this project. You shine. Xoxo.

  2. “I always knew I would thrive more in life as I got older.” Beautiful. And I LOVE the thrifted heels. : )

  3. Marie

    quirky glasses, gray hairs, striped socks — and how it all interweaves with ourselves….
    If I could give you a dozen balloons right now – I would. This post made me feel like that.

  4. Love knowing that you see yourself tenderly & with gentleness.

  5. Vivienne, Thank you for sharing ALL your true, beautiful self here with us.
    I adore your mighty curves, quirky glasses, stripey sox, and beautiful grey hairs!
    Now keep building those boulder busting muscles and dance your way all into the arms of love!
    I am so honored to be a part of this mighty trio! xoxoxo Deb

  6. you’re beautiful! and so is this blog! Can’t wait to see the story unfold…

  7. Yes!!! Getting out of our own way is so important! I love this saying and it is amazing how much we can get in our own way. I love your stripped socks I have been really drawn to them myself and my collection has been growing lol…Such a beautiful post and I am really excited about this new blog…. Thank you for sharing I look forward too more. ((hugs))

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