She packed her bags

She packed her bags triptych 990
Pictured from left to right:

“She packed her bags, put them down and walked away, with a weight lifted from her shoulders.” ~Vivienne
“She packed her bags with gifts and colored her heart with memories.” ~Jennifer
“She packed her bags and stopped along the way to unload her fears.” ~Deb


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11 Responses to She packed her bags

  1. ooh, gorgeous! can’t wait to see each of your posts this month.

  2. i really, really, really, really love this. every one of these images speaks to me and feels like something i need to do/want to do. fabulous & inspired & inspiring.

  3. Fearlessness perfected. So lovely to behold.

  4. Ladies… seriously???!!! These are so beautiful.
    I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying watching
    this storytelling project.
    Enjoy your day!! xo

  5. So wonderful! Each so different yet lovely journeys!

  6. Paritosho

    It seems there is so much strong change in the air these days. Deep internal monkeying around! The idea of packing a bag and moving on is so true on many levels even if you never leave your home. Thank you for selecting this topic right now! I feel like I am organizing and re-organizing what I really need to move on.

  7. kt

    i am excited to see and read more!

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  9. Came upon this part way into the process I guess but I am intrigued and excited to watch this project unfold as you are all such amazing individuals and artists!

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