She packed her bags ~ Deb

she packed her bags
“She packed her bags and stopped along the way to unload her fears.” ~Deb

What the hell?
Fear of the unknown.
“But you love a new adventure” I said to myself.
So I stopped dead in my tracks. I opened my gut and listened to my heart.
I sat in silence. And once I was still long enough to calm those fears and voices in my head,
I realized just how fearless I really am!

I boldly stood up, with a brand new bag full of brave hopes and exciting plans.

You see, when we move to Florida away from Texas, it is no longer a fun vacation spent with my Mom & Jack. It is real life, paying bills and finding our way. And when that day comes, I will be fearless,
and not afraid.

My truth.
The “Story Behind Our Photos” are difficult for me to write.
Self portraits are easy for me to share. The viewer is left to create their own story and receive their own message.
But when I attach words to my photo, I become accountable for that truth.
My heart cracks wide open, spilling my emotions as I reveal the process I move through to create a photo. The shutter is easy for me to operate, but the keyboard seems to be more difficult as I spell out my feelings with the words you will read today.


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10 Responses to She packed her bags ~ Deb

  1. You are brave and bright and beautiful no matter what, Deb. Brava for facing some more frontiers.
    Light and love to you !

  2. Laurie Potter


  3. Deb, we have not met, but somehow I get the feeling that you are someone who is very good at ‘finding your way’… is to an excellent adventure!

  4. beautiful deb. all the best in your new adventure. i look forward to seeing some florida beach selfies!

  5. Deb-
    Beautiful. Since first meeting you I could feel your creativity oozing out. Your photography is inspiring to me and your words uplifting and honest. Nice job. I am thoroughly enjoying each and every piece of art you create-behind the lens and at the keyboard. You rock.

  6. oh deb, you are so brave for allowing your heart to crack wide open…sharing and allowing your process to move from shutter to keyboard.
    you are full of courage and beauty…

  7. I’ve always thought of you as brave, not necessarily fearless. Now I think they are distinct because you bared your soul to us. I appreciate you wrote down your feelings and thoughts on this, as you hardly ever do. Actually, I think you’re gutsy. You’re aware of the risks involved and choose to move forward. Fear can keep us on this side of that line.

  8. You continue to be an inspiration to us. I’m very grateful to have you in my life. I love this post and what an amazing photo.

  9. this is beautiful and real and raw! love it…thank you for sharing your truths with us.
    you are an inspiration ~ xxoo

  10. kt

    i love that you are sharing…so honest and open.
    xoxo katy

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