She dreamt of

She dreamt of...
Pictured from left to right:

“She dreamt of the comfort of a hand holding hers, as though it had been meant to be there all along.” ~Vivienne
“She fell asleep in the unmown grass, where she dreamt of innocence and dandelion wishes.” ~Jennifer
“She dreamt of returning to live by the Sea, so he grabbed her hand and stole her heart and said “Let’s go.” ~Deb


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6 Responses to She dreamt of

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  2. such beautiful words that you ladies write. always inspiring. thank you.

  3. These words and images = MAGIC!!

  4. i am intrigued, and my heart is touched. looking forward to what follows…

  5. Such evocative images and meaningful words. Beautiful.

  6. I love love following you lovely, inspirational and creative women. Thank you Deb for entering my world and allowing me to not only view yours but become a part of it…i need 6 more pics!

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