She dreamt of ~ Deb

“She dreamt of returning to live by the Sea, so he grabbed her hand and stole her heart and said “Let’s go.” ~Deb
“She dreamt of returning to live by the Sea, so he grabbed her hand and stole her heart and said “Let’s go.” ~Deb 

The Beach!!

I am solar powered.

I crave the moist, salty, balmy sea breeze.

The sandy feel of the Earth beneath my barefeet.

My body craves the warmth of sunshine on my shoulders.

Now I am returning to live by the Sea. This time he will go with me.

For the past few years we have been landlocked in Central Texas, operating a Bed & Breakfast and recently our Happy Belly Café.

Life has been abundant and fruitful in so many ways.

But the page turns and we are taking the leap. My Mom and Jack have entered their Golden Years and we are moving to Florida to be near them. We will be starting over financially and seeking out our new tribe.

We have walked thru the fire of fear. Double checked our intentions to relocate, leaving behind a bright future in Round Top, Texas. We accept the challenge of new and sometimes difficult family dynamics…this time hand in hand.

The story behind this photo has a deeper meaning when I tell you that he was approaching me, after swimming in the ocean.

I was literally day dreaming of living here. And when you click here, you can see more of the story!

Can someone really steal your heart when you open it, and invite them inside?

No matter the answer, we are holding hands together and shouting it out loud…~LET’S GO!~


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  1. I am so happy for you. More than I can say.

  2. my hubby and I are relocating to FL too later this year/early next year..why? for the same reasons.. we finally wanna live and do something we wanna do.. and yes.. I dream of living near the sea.. taking beach walks and feeling the sand in my toes, the breezes on my face. So happy to hv met you Deb.. xo love u and your instagram pics.. u rock! xo hope to meet u and your hubby in person one day! xo

  3. Yes someone really can steal your heart when you open it, and invite them inside. I finally invited my now husband inside 23 yrs ago when I was a single mother with two babies. Terrified of letting someone into my life and heart again for fear of failure and heartbreak, I finally decided to throw caution to the wind and took that leap of faith. It was the best decision I ever made! I admire you for taking the leap of faith, packing things up and moving to Florida! Very admirable!

  4. You are a beauty. xo

    • linda hamilton

      Mary told me yesterday and I was franickly going thru your pages to see if it was true. I am sad but your words are so right and your intentions are honorable. you will be blessed. i am fortunate to have had you as a friend and this area will NEVER be the same without you Deb. the small amount of time we spent together is locked in my memory drawer forever. tears……

  5. I think you will grab life by the hand and squeese it hard no matter where you live.
    Wonderful to have another hand to hold as you do it.

  6. i’ve always thought of you as having mermaid tendencies….so it’s wonderful that you’re following your open and {filled with love} heart to the sea…..

  7. Mary Canfield

    I am happy for you, Deb! I will miss you!

  8. happy, sandy wishes…lots of held hands…lots of joyful shouts beneath the sun 🙂

  9. As one door closes so many others can open when we least expect it. Courageous move, I wish you all the best. Haven’t met but see in the Chakra Workshop and wonderful photos 🙂

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