She unfolded

She unfolded
Pictured from left to right:

“She unfolded the parts of herself that she used as her armor.” ~Vivienne
“She opened her arms and unfolded her mind to the opportunities of a bright new day.” ~Jennifer
“She unfolded her art journal, started a new chapter and began to paint her life.” ~Deb


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4 Responses to She unfolded

  1. WOW! Viv…powerful statement!
    Jen…this photo of you is stunning. Free. Wild. ~a new day!~
    Note to self….get off computer , grab some crayons and open up that art journal!~

  2. gorgeous shots ladies. i love your “unfolded” prompt–great words you all chose!

  3. mary ann casey

    Love this . It really spoke to me. I must unfold this life, these paints, these dreams and use them. Good job. look forward to more.

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