She unfolded ~ Vivienne

“She unfolded the parts of herself that she used as her armour.” ~Vivienne

Unfolding is a word I can easily pair with life these days.

I feel like I’m slowly unfolding from my highly protective way of being.  Something learned from a time when I needed to protect myself, to stop saving everyone around me and start saving myself.

But I had to put some armour up in order to learn these new ways of being.  I found myself putting up walls of self-protection, armour that had its use.

But now this new way of being is securely in place and it is time to put the armour down.  Maybe not put my guard down as self-protection can be a good thing.  Its time to take a deep breath and remove the armour once was useful but is now just in my way.

I’m thawing out, opening up, unfolding into the potential of what is ahead.

What are you unfolding these days?  What is unfolding for you?


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3 Responses to She unfolded ~ Vivienne

  1. Barbara Paulsen

    I love this, Vivienne. You are beautiful and this is a beautiful photo. You are the master at self portraits! I’m so glad you are here!

  2. love thinking about unfolding and thawing out…
    this is so tender.

  3. I have had to put up some bits of armor of my own as I realized that not everyone can relate to me and my ideas…. I would put all of myself out there before and sometimes that can be painful when you are misunderstood or they just don’t get you. It has been good to have some bits of armor for my own emotional protection as I now save some of those deeper parts of me for people who “get it” I am unfolding courage, strength and positive thought…. that my path is teaching me what I need to know… preparing me for whats to come.

    I love your post… thank you and keep thawing and unfolding the beautiful you.

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