She unfolded ~ Jennifer

She unfolded
“She opened her arms and unfolded her mind to the opportunities of a bright new day.” ~Jennifer

Have you ever wanted to quit a day long before it was over? You know, throw in the towel and give up? Maybe even resign yourself to the fact that your biorhythms are off and the planets are misaligned and the day is going to suck no matter what? I’ll admit it: sometimes that’s just how I feel. Fortunately it doesn’t happen too often, but it happens.

You can’t give up when the people you love more than anything need you, though. When I was on my own, I could withdraw when I craved a little down time. Sleep in on weekends. Stay up late without worrying about how tired and cranky I might be the next day. Those things aren’t really possible when you have a family and a home to take care of. Thank goodness I’m not alone, because there is no way I could handle all of the responsibilities of parenthood and property ownership.

There are a few things I have figured out so far. Waking up to a sinkful of dirty dishes does not have a positive effect on my mood. Stepping in cat puke is gross, particularly first thing in the morning. I need fresh air and nature walks or I will lose my mind. Leaving things until the last minute causes unnecessary anxiety. Therapeutic massage is heavenly. Headaches are not. Photography helps me heal myself. A nap with a cat works wonders for the soul. Flowers light up a room. So does a child’s laughter…and a mate who dances in the kitchen.

One of the things I have to keep reminding myself of is the fact that I have the power to change the tone of my day. It doesn’t matter if it is 8:00 am or noon or even 10:00 at night. I can choose to start over at any time.

We all can.

It helps to stand outside and embrace the opportunities of a bright new day, no matter what time it is.

It also helps to go to bed knowing the kitchen is clean.


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7 Responses to She unfolded ~ Jennifer

  1. Jennifer.
    This story is so raw, so beautiful, so bold and honest.
    Your photo is so open, glorious and courageous!
    Makes me want to FLY!!

  2. you have just stepped inside my head and expressed my thoughts. thoughts i think, we as women, hold. hold without sharing…because that would be selfish. but as i age. when i get the “me” time…i cherish it. and i stand. just as you did, in your photo. and i let my heart soar. this is a beautiful post. namaste.

    just BE.

  3. Barbara Paulsen

    I completely get it. It will get easier and you will get some alone time again. This photo is gorgeous!

  4. jennifer, i identify with so much of what you’ve written. it’s such a beautiful reminder.
    and, like deb said above, this photo makes me want to fly!

  5. Fantastic post… I have connected with your words… and especially love how you have listed what you “know” about yourself. I think it will help me to list out some of these things too for myself. I totally agree about the clean kitchen… which has been a challenge for me to keep… but after reading your post I went and gave it a deep clean to start over 🙂

    Thank you

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