She unfolded ~ Deb

she unfolded

“She unfolded her art journal, started a new chapter and began to paint her life.” ~Deb

For the past 6 years, owning and operating my business, HeritageHaus Bed & Breakfast and Happy Belly Cafe, did not allow for much “hands on” journaling. My art journals were on display, but untouched for years except sharing them to inspire when I hosted Women’s Art Retreats at my studio. They sadly gathered dust in the corner of my room.

As I developed my blog and photography skills I was only touching plastic alphabet keyboards, glass touchscreens and buttons on my Canon Rebel.

Then I closed my Airstream Cafe and the B&B is for sale in Texas.

I have moved to Florida to be near Mom and Jack.  And the beach, of course!

Now I am ready. To touch paper. Glue. Paint. ~get it down and dirty~ Ready to write again. Get messy.

I have years of collected art journals. Now I am ready to start a brand new one. The slate is clean.

The page has turned and I plan to color my new life here with love, kindness, patiencesunscreen

and a box of 48 with built-in sharpener!  

Please stay tuned for the creative explosion to occur!!


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9 Responses to She unfolded ~ Deb

  1. Sue Foster

    Go Deb…it will feel so good. Can’t wait to see what’s coming!

  2. It is through journaling and writing and art.. through those things, that hv saved me over and over again.
    I am glad you are starting again.
    I can’t wait to see all you create Deb.
    You are right where you are supposed to be.
    xo Love to you.. and yes, pass the sunscreen.. I’ll be joining u in FL come Jan!

  3. Putting words on paper is art. Art form that must be preserved. Creativity flows through words, thoughts, emotions, feelings, ideas, dreams. Peace flows from the heart to th mind down the arm through the finger tips onto the page. Write well my friend.

  4. Lyn Keil

    And we are SOoooo happy you are here – just three doors down!

  5. go ahead
    Get Messy
    go jump in the sea…

    {{ when you start your
    Women’s Art Retreats at your new studio,
    let me know! }}

  6. love to hear how you’re going to color your new life…

  7. These journals are going to be wonderful, I look forward to seeing them.

  8. Powerful choices all around. So happy for your new life! Throw lots of paint at it!

  9. You continue and always will be an inspiration to me…. keep diggin’ …. I love all the great energy.

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