She listened

She listened
Pictured from left to right:

“She listened carefully and heard the whisper: grow, grow, grow.” ~Vivienne
“She listened to the part of herself that wanted to dance.” ~Jennifer
“She listened to her body and answered the call for stillness.” ~Deb


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6 Responses to She listened

  1. always love everything you three do-keep sharing…love love love

  2. Wonderfully evocative images as always from all three of you. I look forward to reading the stories that go with each one through the month.

  3. Lovely lovely lovely. Wow. I want to be able to capture such magic, but the magic in my life is different so I capture that instead. So inspiring, though, all three of you.

    Deb, I so need to heed the call for stillness. Thank you for the reminder!

  4. scamptx (aka Shirley)

    I am so glad that I stumbled into this. Your words and photos speak volumes. Thank you!

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