She tiptoed ~ Deb

she tiptoed

She tiptoed thru the difficult days of her painful memories ~ Deb

Recently we attended the family gathering for Matt’s mother who passed last month.
The heartache of losing a loved one can be almost unbearable.
The emotions that collide with each other are so exhausting.
One moment you are laughing, sharing stories and memories of a beautiful life well lived.
The room is full of laughter and joy.
Suddenly the realness crashes in to the wee early morning hours of daylight with the knowledge that she is gone.
You can no longer pick up the phone for a random love bomb.
Your heart cracks wide open all over again.
And again.

Sad Sundays and mournful Mondays will become easier with time.

But in the meantime, other family matters require delicate footsteps.
I have conflict and concern. Some days are so difficult that I want to shout and stomp.

But I have come to learn that tip toeing and soft voices are far more loving and effective.
Life gets loud and mean sometimes.
It is up to us how we dance thru the painful noisy messes.


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6 Responses to She tiptoed ~ Deb

  1. love everything you photograph and post.
    loosing moms are the toughest
    out and hug you….

  2. Tip-toeing in to softly soothe your heartaches….
    my love to you & yours at this time and always.

  3. Debbie Gentry

    Just reading of your loss Matt. I am saddened by the news because I know what it is like to loose a parent. Please know, I care about you & support you in your time of grief. Maybe I’ll see you over the Round Top week but if not, hugs are sent your way.
    Your Old B&B Friend,
    Debbie Gentry

  4. lovely writing Deb.. the perfect photo. xo

  5. Such a tender tribute to the dance of sorrow that we all sometimes have to bear…

  6. Oh, Deb. My condolences once again to you and Matt.
    Losing a mother is devastating.
    Big hugs to you as you navigate through the sadness and the conflicts, as well as the healing.
    Thank you for sharing your steps with us.

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