She reached ~ Vivienne

“She reached out to the unknown.” ~Vivienne

I’ve learned over the past few years, since my Saturn Return took hold and then let me free again to recompose myself, that life is maliable and everchanging.

That what I thought ‘my story’ was doesn’t have to be what it will be.

That as much as i can plan aheads, unexpected things happen.

That fate will run its course and that it will all make sense some day.

So I’m reaching out to the unknown, trusting that the puzzle pieces will fall into place, even if I don’t yet know what they are.

With hope in my heart.


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5 Responses to She reached ~ Vivienne

  1. So much will come to you Vivienne, I know it. You give out so much, the same will return to you and multiplied.

  2. reach on
    hope forward
    trust openly

  3. and oh that red thumbnail

  4. such a beautiful sense of openness and space in this image, in your words…

  5. It truly will all make sense someday. You are on a beautiful path. Thank you for helping us all rewrite our life stories…

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