She reached ~ Deb

"she reached from her heart"
“She reached from her heart.” ~Deb

I shot this photo one evening walking along the water’s edge with my lifemate, Matt.
The sun cast a golden glow against the deep blue sky.
My heart was swollen with some raw emotions as we discussed some delicate family matters.
I stopped, and reached upwards…open handed. Open heart.

Our decision to move to Florida has been gut wrenching, and sometimes heartbreaking.
But now we are here, finding our feet.
Our hearts have mended and nerves have settled into laughter and calmer waters.
As I continue to reach from the depths of my heart to offer my love
I am reminded what a friend once said about me…
“Deb has an infinite amount of love”

Stay wide open. Dig a little deeper. Love a lot harder.

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  1. Beautiful & brave. Love you.

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