She felt ~ Deb
“She finally felt like laughing after a day full of tears.”

It had been a long, hard day of tearful emotions.
Realizing. Opening. Compromising.
Owning the truth of your own mistakes and unrealistic expectations.
It was time to shift gears.
Lighten up.
Dry up.
Give it up.
Laugh it up.
Because afterall…we can get glad in the same shoes we got mad.
~ I published this photo unedited, unshowered, unplanned~
This is my truth.

My tears had just dried up long enough to see the camera settings.
I could have photographed my sadness or the heaviness of the day.
But we all know what that looks like.
I share with you my brave moment of decision to move above and beyond.


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14 Responses to She felt ~ Deb

  1. Lyn Keil

    Great commentary – and a great pic of the “real you”

  2. laughter after tears is the best! great shot!

  3. Jan

    right there with you, Deb. Love you!!!

  4. So beautiful Deb. The real, unedited you. I’ll take it any day…

  5. that, my friend, is what pure, brave beauty looks like! xo

  6. I love this picture because this is ME as well as YOU. It has been all of us from time to time. We forget sometimes that we are not alone. Even in the moments of suffering, we are walking in tracks that have been laid down time and again by many others. That moment of breaking free from the gripe of fear, ahhhhh you captured it beautifully.

  7. oh. you are divine and so very brave.

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