She unveiled ~ Vivienne


“She unveiled herself to the beauty of quiet.” ~Vivienne

I’ve never really been the meditation type and while I’ve done yoga on and off, I’ve never had a regular an at-home practice.

Until now.

All of a sudden I am craving the quiet and sinking into it.

Normally my zen appears after activity, be it going for a hike or a run or a dance class.  I always figured that I needed that motion and shaking off the day’s stress to settle into the quiet.

But lately I’m craving the quiet and the stillness, so my yoga mat and I are having dates in my backyard and I’m shocked at how much I just want to sit in quiet, to settle into it, to even stay in it.  I’ll move and try whatever poses I feel drawn to.

I love when life takes you by surprise and something you didn’t feel drawn to before suddenly  feels like a fit

and I’m listening to its call and unveiling myself to the beauty of the quiet.


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3 Responses to She unveiled ~ Vivienne

  1. Oh my Dear Friend,
    This is so beautiful.
    The stillness.
    The Beauty of Quiet.
    and it fits!
    Beautiful awakening Viv!!

  2. Yes.
    I love the unveiling of the mystery.
    The welcoming a new phase.
    Settling into the silence.
    Knowing what’s next will arrive
    at exactly the right time.
    I just have to open
    to receive.

  3. Thank you for unveiling this quiet loveliness, dear Viv.

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