She unveiled ~ Deb

“She unveiled a brand new palette of colors so her creative spirit could fly free.” Deb
“She unveiled a brand new palette of colors so her creative spirit could fly free.” ~Deb

I have always loved color. All of them. Bold and bright!
From my clothing of paisley and tie-dye to my walls of chartreuse and caicos which is splattered with funky folkart!
Now that I am creating art onto the messy painted canvas my Muse has come alive!
I am sewing again. I am cooking again. The creative juices are beginning to flood my imagination.

I have decided to host my very first online workshop!
EEK! Yes, I just said that out-loud.
For the past several months here I have talked about living the creative life and soaring on new dreams.
Well, it’s about time I become accountable and walk my talk!!
Oh , it was much easier inside my head! Playing on the canvas, cooking up a marvelous dinner or stitching some crazy fabric inside my art journal. But now the real work comes in…writing, filming, typing, learning HTML, blah blah blah.
Honestly I have wanted to walk away from this project a hundred times.
Because really all I want to do is have fun! Colorful messy good times!

But I am determined.
I will find a way to earn a modest living with my hands, as my own boss, and always experience the fun in everything I do.

I will fly free.


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19 Responses to She unveiled ~ Deb

  1. YAY!!! I am behind you on this my beautiful friend!

  2. Oh! I’m so excited for you!! xxx

  3. You will be fabulous at this.

  4. Good luck and have fun!!

  5. Terry

    Your life sounds beautiful…Have a blast doing the things you love…

  6. You can do it – as I could do it too… and I remember the feeling of overwhelming ‘too much to learn let’s give up’ thoughts… don’t let it get to you. Take a deep breath and soldier on – you can do it and it is SOOOO REWARDING!!! It is, I promise! Good luck to you! Rock on lady!

  7. It’s about time! I’m with you 100%.

  8. Fly high and far Deb!….what an exciting adventure this will be!

  9. Go Deb! Inspiring!! We are all going to take flight together. xo

  10. I’ve been blessed to be a bystander looking in on the planning process. This workshop is going to be dy-no-mite!

  11. spectacular courage, my lady! love the colors on your hands too!

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