She accepted ~ Jennifer

She accepted that change can be beautiful

“She accepted that change can be beautiful.” ~Jennifer
It feels like change has been swirling around a lot lately, affecting both my inner and outer landscapes.  Sometimes it’s uncomfortable and unsettling.  Many of the changes I’ve been experiencing these days are physical.  There’s no way around that right now, given the transformations a woman’s body undergoes during pregnancy.  Weight gain is one of them.  When I took this photo, I was twenty-five weeks pregnant…and I had already gained twenty-six pounds.  The sources I’ve read say it’s normal to gain between twenty-five and thirty-five pounds…for the entire pregnancy.  Well, I’m clearly not normal in that respect.  I gained fifty-five when I was pregnant with my daughter.  The doctors raised their eyebrows at me a bit, but I lost every pound afterwards.  Who knows, maybe I needed that extra weight in order to nurse my firstborn for thirteen months.  Family history shows that my mom had similar experiences during her pregnancies, so perhaps there’s a genetic link.  Long story short, I’m learning to make peace with the fact that this is how my body prepares for childbirth.  The effects of weight and hormones feel unpleasant right now, but temporary physical and emotional discomfort are extremely small prices to pay for a strong and healthy baby.  Change fosters growth and growth leads to blossoming.  The process isn’t easy, but it’s definitely worth it.  Every pain, every pound, every tear shed ultimately allows for the arrival of a beautiful new life.
I find that when I embrace change, amazing things happen.  Yes, it can be frightening to explore uncharted territory, but that’s part of the adventure.  We can’t fathom the wonder of new possibilities if we shut down.  Time and time again, I’ve noticed that change is only painful when it’s met with resistance.  Each of us is constantly evolving on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.  When we’re willing to speak our truth and acknowledge our desires, we create space for miracles to manifest in our lives.  The evolution of She is Three is no exception.  I’m so thankful for the road we’ve traveled thus far, and for all the discoveries made along the way.  I certainly wish Viv the happiest of trails.  At the same time, I look forward to a brilliant route ahead for this collaboration.  On that note, it’s my pleasure to reveal the exciting news that Bella Cirovic is joining us as a monthly contributor!  Her beautiful name echoes the beauty of her being, and I’m honored that she will be accompanying Deb and me on this journey.  Beginning in August, Bella will be featured in our triptychs, plus she’ll share the story behind her photo on the fourteenth of each month.  Please join us in welcoming her to She is Three!  


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14 Responses to She accepted ~ Jennifer

  1. 🙂 I am so delighted to join the both of you on this journey !! Thank you for such a warm welcome. I am looking forward to what will unfold here and for me personally as well and part of these self portrait exercises. xo

    • It’s a joy to have you join us, Bella. I’m looking forward to the unfolding process as well. Here’s to new directions and new discoveries for all of us!

  2. oh, how i love all that this image holds, jennifer. just gorgeous.
    and this idea of being open to change (and sometimes pain), and the growth that happens there…this all resonates deeply with me as it’s something on my mind and in my heart lately.

    and welcome to bella…a lovely new presence in this space.

    • You are such a kindred spirit, M. Thank you for understanding and identifying with what I shared. It means so much to know that my words resonate with you…

  3. Oh Jennifer,
    this makes me want to come rub your belly and cook you many delicious nourishing meals!!
    He will be strong and brave just like his Mom…I already see this to become true!
    And oh the excitement to announce and welcome Bella, the bright shiny light and new birth to our little project here !!
    ~ wild things are occurring~

    • Sweet Deb, your words always warm my heart! And I’m going to take you up on those meals one day! 🙂
      Thank you for the words of encouragement about my little boy on the way.
      Wild things are indeed occurring! Here’s to new growth and new possibilities at She is Three!

  4. So beautifully written Jennifer and words that so many of us can relate to…pregnant or not. AND a wonderful addition to the journey! Yeah Bella!

    • Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting! It’s always lovely to find out that someone can relate to what I’ve shared. Do come back soon!

  5. beautiful photo jennifer~ and i am sure you look beautiful in your real-life pregnant glow too! congrats to bella, i look forward to seeing her here with you and deb. xo

    • It’s wonderful to hear from you, Christy! Thank you so much for stopping by!
      I’m not so sure I have a pregnant glow (other than the fact that I am glistening from this heat), but thank you for your kind words!
      Lots of love to you…

  6. jennifer
    i was the same way as far as weight gain went and yes each time it shed away while breastfeeding up a storm….go with it, your body does seem to know what to do:)
    excited about the new changes i also wish Viv the best i loved seeing her here too but excited for Bella i just love what you all are sharing here!

    • Thank you so much for the encouragement and the validation, Katy. Our bodies do seem to know what they need, don’t they?!
      It’s wonderful to have supporters like you out there as we evolve here at She is Three, by the way…

  7. “I find that when I embrace change, amazing things happen. Yes, it can be frightening to explore uncharted territory, but that’s part of the adventure. We can’t fathom the wonder of new possibilities if we shut down. Time and time again, I’ve noticed that change is only painful when it’s met with resistance….When we’re willing to speak our truth and acknowledge our desires, we create space for miracles to manifest in our lives.”

    Your words have resonated so deeply with me as I am on the brink of a major change in my life. I alternate between excitement and pure dread. Today is a pure dread day but everywhere this morning words are breathing courage back into my heart. Your words I quoted above are adding to the wind in my sail this morning. Thank you so much for sharing them.

    I am a part of Bella’s 52 Photo Project and I think she will be a fabulous addition to She Is Three. Congrats all the way around.

    • Dear Makeda,

      I’m so glad that my words resonated deeply with you and added some wind in your sail. I understand how hard change can be, and it warms my heart to know that my post has helped you. Thank you for taking the time to comment, and for being such a lovely supporter of She is Three overall! It’s a pleasure to hear from you!

      I’m wishing you courage and comfort as you navigate major change in your life…one day at a time…


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