She remembered

She remembered ~ March 2014 triptych

Pictured from left to right:

“She remembered what it was like to have fun again.” ~Bella
“She remembered to listen for angels.” ~Jennifer
“She remembered to slow down and take five deep breaths.” ~Deb

Feel free to share a memory with us in the comment section.
(We hope you will…)


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11 Responses to She remembered

  1. She remembered to trust the little whispers.

  2. Diva

    She remembered to give thanks for the family she adored.

  3. karenmarie63

    She remembered to wake up “choosing joy” 🙂

  4. She remembered her strength was there for her self too, not just for others.

  5. Moira

    She remembered to make a sacred space just for herself, every day, to sit and breathe in…

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