She danced ~ Jennifer

She danced to the new song emerging from within her

She danced to the new song emerging from within her. ~Jennifer

It feels so good to be in the season of summer; to have the warmth of the sun and the lushness of green surrounding me again. I’m finding a new rhythm. The early months of my son’s infancy have passed. There is a sadness knowing that I won’t pass that way again, but there is also the joy of now. The nighttime feedings and snuggles to comfort him through the teething process continue, coupled with infinite giggles and chuckles during the day. He and I typically wake with the sunrise. The light he brings has unlocked something within me. I’m more willing and able to tap into my maternal source. I’m not so afraid of mothering this time. And I’m not so reticent about embracing who I am.

On a deep level somewhere that I can’t quite pinpoint, I’m subtly and gradually loosening up. I’m becoming more connected to myself and to this land where we live. My daughter’s love of feeling her feet in the grass reminds me to take my shoes off and do the same. Motherhood is giving me a new sense of childhood. There’s a return to innocence. There’s a lack of inhibition. There’s structure and yet there’s freedom. There are wildflower bouquets to pick and empty snail shells to collect. There are stories to tell. There’s dancing in the morning light to the music of the birds. There’s a sense of setting out to find my place in this big world.


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  1. so many gifts wrapped up in your now.
    i’ve always been struck {and comforted} by the coexistence of freedom and structure i’ve found with my kids…they have most definitely aided me on my path of finding my place in this world. i wish you many happy morning dances and lots of wildflowers and empty snail shells.
    here’s to new songs…

  2. Thank you, dear M. Always, always, always. We’ll pick some wildflowers for you and save a snail shell until we get to meet…


  3. Dancing in the summer, oh yes, and what a beautiful picture too, Jennifer. The loosening up, you mention, that comes along with the growth we embrace in motherhood is something I am finding as well. I was late to everything because my children are adopted and didn’t come home to me until they were 2 yrs. old but even with that, in these 7 years I have seen a loosening up in myself and I know it is really good! Thank you for your words, they have helped me to solidify my own thoughts. Happy sweet summer!

    • Dear Alisha,

      Your comment went straight to my heart. Thank you so much for coming by to share. I, too, feel like I was late to everything, simply because I became a mother later in life. I love knowing about your experience…especially that the loosening up process is really good! I’m so glad my words helped you! Yours just helped me!

      Happy summer to you and your sweet family!


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