She danced ~ Deb

she danced
“She danced to her own life.” ~Deb

I love to dance.
With or without music.
Move and groove. Shake, rattle and roll.
All genres of music. All times of day. Everywhere I go.

It all began in the early 80’s with Disco Fire and Line Dance Fever. John Travolta.
I taught Dancercise at the local YMCA, making up routines that actually made exercise FUN!
And then Urban Cowboy swept me off my feet ( Hello John again ).
I learned how to Two Step by standing on the boots of my brother as he whirled and twirled me around the dance floor.

The 90’s were weird with Madonna, Cher and Culture Club…but they always somehow made me move!

I morphed into some slow grooves with new lovers and life changes. Falling in love { again } and slow dancing in the kitchen.

Meditation in motion during yoga practice. Salsa Dancing on the side to spice it up.

OK. So here I am, 56 years old, and still love to dance.
And yes it is true, I am that girl who “dances to the beat of her own drum.”

Because life is a dance. And I choose exactly how I want to live.
Some days are fast, some days are slow.

And I can always count on making every single day my own choice.

Johnny Holmes of the Black Cat Choir Band recently told me, “Deb, you dance like happy feels.”

If you care to dance with me, some of my nostalgic tunes are over here: “Dance” … I bet you can’t sit still.
Come get your happy on!!


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6 Responses to She danced ~ Deb

  1. to dance like happy feels…i love that. and i imagine that’s exactly how you do it.
    all of it…the dancing in the kitchen, the dancing as you stitch, the dancing of your days.

  2. Don’t you ever stop Deb!

  3. Deb, you always make me smile…I love your happy-go-lucky attitude. I have gone through some very tough times too (a nasty divorce with three young daughters). I always had (still have) music on. When the times got really bad, my girls & I danced until we all fell down giggling. Recently my girls made me ‘mixed-tape’ CDs for my birthday…songs that meant a lot to each of them when they were growing up. It brought me such joy. We played them and laughed until we cried (happy tears). If I’m feeling blue…those songs come out! …and I dance some more… Music and dancing was free…hard times economically didn’t mean we could make our own fun!

    Funny enough…three of those songs are ones that you have just shared!!!

    Thanks for sharing. I think I’ll go dance now 😉


  4. denise

    you had me at John Travolta
    i would make believe i would dance with him
    playing the BeeGees album over and over and over
    watching myself in the mirror
    more than a woman~
    night fever
    staying alive
    oh man the memories here!!!
    thank you deb~

  5. I love “you dance how happy feels”. I can totally envision that! Wonderful to be so happy and carefree. Totally envious!

  6. The original Happy Dancerina.

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