She held stones, flowers, and shells



What a delight it is for She is Three to be featured in the first issue of Stampington’s amazing new magazine, Bella Grace!  It’s the most beautiful book-like publication.  We couldn’t be more proud to be part of it, and part of the Bella Grace Blog Hop!  In honor of this adventure, we’d like to share some of our secrets with you.  Times have been incredibly hectic lately, like the world is being shaken up.  We understand how hard it is to stay centered and grounded when eveything is shifting.  So today we’re revealing what we reach for to bring us each back in tune with ourselves and our magic.  By the way, we’re giving away a copy of Bella Grace to one lucky soul!  Details are at the bottom of this post! 




Stones, rocks, sea glass, sand, and crystals. It’s their energy that I am attracted to. Of the earth they are born, just as man was. The blessed earth we live, eat, and breathe upon. The magic and energy infused within them feed my soul and my cells. I bathe them in sunlight, moonlight, and holy water so that when I need a lift, all I need to do is reach for one. They comfort me in sadness and aid me while I pray or meditate. My stones are a sacred part of me now. I hold them tenderly in my hands and surrender.




Flowers are my heart medicine. They bring me back to Earth, grounding me in the gifts of here and now.  They soothe me when I’m anxious. They comfort me when I’m sad. They always inspire me with their wondrous colors.  Flowers help me see light.  They hold it and reflect it in ways that catch my eye and cradle my spirit.  I can’t help but be drawn in by the sparkle of morning dew on petals or the way late afternoon light dances on stems and illuminates blooms.

The shapes and sizes of flowers are as diverse as us all, and each is beautiful in it’s own right.  Then there’s the scent.  Heaven s(c)ent.  The sweetness of violets for my daughter.  The heady fragrance of lavender for me.  And the wild, earthy glory of Queen Anne’s lace for my mom.  I hold these three flowers close to my heart to connect me to all that is divine, feminine, and true.




As long as my memory serves, I have collected seashells.
I know you are smiling right now, because you do too, right?
No matter what beach I walk, no matter where in the world of sandy shores, that perfect treasure always finds its way to the inside of my pocket.
The Sea speaks to me, with every rolling wave, washing ashore her bits for me to capture.
I pile them up in bowls, jars and platters.
I create dream catchers and art objects of whimsy.
I place them on my personal altars.

I enclose them in gifts.

I have millions. Yet I bet I can still tell you where I found that swirly, curvy beautiful gift from the Sea.
The Atlantic Ocean is seven minutes from my front door.
My sandy morning walk on the beach during low tide has become my daily simple pleasure.
It’s good to be me.

Shells find me.
I live by the Sea.


For a chance to win a copy of Bella Grace, leave us a comment telling us what you hold when you need to get back in tune.  Is it a smoothe, cool river stone?  A lavender pillow?  A shell held to your ear?  We look forward to hearing your secrets.  Comments will remain open until Wednesday, August 20th at 6pm Eastern Time (3pm Pacific Time).  We’ll announce the winner of a random drawing in a new post on the 21st.   Remember to keep checking back at the Stampington blog to find more chances to win!

P.S. We invite you to join us on Instagram (@sheisthree) where we’re using the hashtags #shelifted for #sheisthreedotcom all this month.  We’d love for you to join us on the healing  journey.   We’ll be right here on the blog on the 14th, 21st, and 28th of this month to share the stories behind our own “She lifted” self-portraits…   

UPDATE: The giveaway winner is here!


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85 Responses to She held stones, flowers, and shells

  1. Fiona Reed

    I hold a warm cup of vanilla tea. The warmth of the cup melts away all my stresses from my day. It makes me stop and pause and lets my mind drift from my busy day. It is an escape. With each sip I feel the wrap of a warm blanket around my insides and it re-energizes my soul. The smell of the vanilla reminds me of precious time as a child baking with my Nanny. A cup of bliss.

  2. Knitting always brings me back when things are rough. The repetitive rhythm of knitting is calming and soothing to my soul. I must knit a bit every evening – it centers me, lowers my blood pressure and calms me. The other thing that centers me is an afternoon spent with my two small granddaughters. While this is the opposite of calm it reminds me that life is precious and also to not take things too seriously.

  3. Heavenly holding. Such grace.

  4. Diva Kreszl

    Loved reading this post, such beauty in simple objects, gifts from nature, ours to find if we but dare to look. Myself I have seashells and sea glass that I hold when home here along the Jersey Shore, when I am enjoying time at our cabin in the mountains it is the smooth stones and soft pockets of moss I hold dear. Drift wood, pebbles, tumbled sea glass, mounds of lush green moss, feathers, wild flowers gathered by the side of a country lane, the world is full of treasures when our hearts are open to finding them.

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  6. I’m a lover of lavender. So, I’m loving my “just breathe” sachet from Deb. But I also spritz lavendar essential oil mixed with water too. The smell brings me calm every time. xxO

  7. Katherine

    What a beautiful article. The simple thing(s) that most all of us have access to that brings us back in touch with ourselves & with nature. For me those things vary, recently it was a petal from the flower lamb’s ear. Just rubbing it gently is so soothing, soft and comforting. I even shared it’s beauty with my young granddaughter .

    • The softness of a flower petal…what a beautiful gift to share with your granddaughter. I always loved the leaves of lamb’s ear plant when I was a child…


  8. Jen E

    Cats ~~~ if I forget, they remind me ~~~ with a delicate wrap of the tail around my leg, a sudden levitation onto the lap that was surely intended just for them, a live entertainment display of “See how tricksy I can be with the Floppy Fish,” followed by said catnip toy being gifted by depositing it on my feet with a flourish. Totally in the moment…

  9. Sara

    A quilt my Dear Mother made. When I need to be soothed, when I need comfort, when I need warmth, I wrap up in the love my Mother left behind.
    It is a reminder that everything will be alright and you know what, it always is.

  10. the photos in this post are so soft and the words, soulful.
    when i need to get back in tune with “me” or my world or my energy…i had to think
    hard about this…i hold a pen. actually it’s my favorite marker…and then i write.
    if i can write and see my thoughts, the “tuning” happens. so everywhere, i have note cards.
    just plain white, no lines, small note cards. they contain words, quotes, ideas, thoughts, anger,
    love, poems…everything that has me “clogged” up. they scatter all over my desk, in pockets in
    my purse, on the counters in the kitchen. if it wasn’t for my pen, my favorite pen, those cards would be empty and
    i would be full and miserable of everything that needs balancing.

  11. Donna

    Lovely stories. I hold little children – any little kid who will let me near them. Their sweet little feet, hands, noses, lips. They are such sweet little people with so much potential. They center me and remind me to play and not take like so seriously.

  12. Jeanne S.

    I have saved some messages from my grandchildren on my phone; messages they have left when we weren’t home. My favorite is a 3 minute story on how a tooth got loose on a bike ride after eating a bomb popsicle (what’s that?) Listening to these three precious voices never fails to make me smile.

  13. Books. Whenever I need a break, I love to pick up a book and read. I love fiction, non-fiction and visual how-to books. Books make my mind take a break from noises of the day.

  14. Michelle Kroll

    This was tricky to think about. The first thing that came to mind is that I hold silence. I have to be immersed in the quiet in order for me to sift through the chaos. The other thing I thought of is my daughter. Snuggles with her will always bring me back to center.

  15. Julie Burger

    My first thought was that of my kittie cat because she is a bundle of love and the sound of her purr always soothes my soul. But, generally, most things in nature move me and soothe my soul. Things like the smell of the sea, the wind blowing through my hair, the fragrant scent of spring flowers, the birds early morning wake up song, or a wild animal foraging in the woods.

  16. i can feel the softness and strength in all of your beautiful hands. love this.

    my home is filled with feathers that have fallen at my feet at just the right moment. as i hold these delicate treasures in my hands i feel loved, seen, connected. often the feathers are a part of my artistic process, appearing in my art journal or collage, and each one holds stories of captivating moments and timely Heavenly reminders.

  17. I hold my dog’s leash…we take off to the lake or the ocean or the woods to commune with nature. (I live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.) Spending time exploring the wilds with my very best friend Indy is the best way for me to recharge and reset. He’s the best company.

  18. i hold scent – it could be a single scent like ‘grandmother lavender’ or a synergistic blend. but the perfume always grounds me to the present moment; healing, lifting, or simply holding space for me.

  19. I hold nothing – the nothing which is everything; the light and the unseen particles, the opportunity and the openness, the whole of life.

  20. LoriSW

    I hold an egg shaped moonstone to draw negative energy out. If I don’t have it with me a stone, rock or twig will ground me. In general I collect rocks, stones, pebbles, and gemstones to center myself.

  21. A warm mug of green tea ends every day for me and a smooth round river stone takes me back to that trip to my mom’s house in the mountains of West Virginia.

  22. I hold sound – the sweet sound of wood pewees and red-eyed vireos, the wind whispering through the trees, an operatic aria, strings, spring peepers on a warm spring night, motown that takes me back to dancing with my mom, the woo woo of my pup. Just stopping and listening instantly grounds me.

  23. the pen. i hold my pen. and i move it across the page.

  24. Beautiful. I have two taonga (treasures/touchstones) I intuitively reach for

    One is the wedding ring I wear, made specially for me in the shape of a shell. The other is a greenstone pendant, gifted to me by a dear friend years ago when we first moved to the UK. Both of these artefacts are ones I keep close.

  25. Susan Wasmer

    I get back in tune by observing nature, especially clouds in the sky. Knowing that they are ever changing yet always there is a comfort to me.

  26. Mmmmm…. when things get tough and I feel the need to escape or be comforted I always reach for my favorite mug and fill it with hot chia tea. Just wrapping my hands around that mug, sniffing the fragrance and closing my eyes makes everything a lil easier.


  27. Kim Collister

    I feel very comforted and calm when I close a river stone in the palm of my hand that has the words “courage” on it. It remind me how far I have come, and how far I can go.

  28. Kathie

    Long lost things. Going through long forgotten boxes and finding long forgotten bits and pieces of the past. No value to anyone but me. No meaning to anyone but me. No one would give me a nickel for any of it but I wouldn’t take a million to part with any one item. Pieces of old jewelry. The pin my mother always wore on her winter coat. I hold that pin in my hand and I can smell the wet wool of that coat. Wet from the snow outside. Still comforting as I lean against her as we sit in a church pew at an evening service. The pin on her coat is familiar but still fascinating. Now I can smell the incense and see the flickering candles. The organ is playing something and Latin words are being sung. I run my fingers over the smooth edges of the pin. Just one small touch gifts me with a giant memory. Comforted and saddened all at once. Not regretting either. A little trip away from today’s cares to a softer time. An older and younger time all at once.

  29. Nancy

    Holding, looking, hearing, smelling, tasting stones, flowers and shells you can see the colors and grace of life through it all. . . .

  30. Nikki

    I turn to the Earth. In Her I find wholeness, and in Her peace I am comforted. Moss, Crystals, and Feathers are the things She has given me to hold close.

  31. Iris Johnson

    To get back in tune I hold a lot of things … crochet hook and yarn, seashells, a good book, fishing pole, some good comfort food. Or, I hold nothing at all … and enjoy silence … finding peace in nature, the sky, the flowers in bloom, the rays of the sun or the sound of rain tapping on my windowpane. These things ground me and bring me joy!

  32. Saundra A.

    when flowers are blooming or roses in my yard, I cut them and bring them in so I can enjoy them. I also love Orchids in bloom.

  33. J.B.

    Every morning I hold my precious dog Bijou in my lap, and we pray/chant/contemplate together. She rests on her back in complete trust, with her sweet belly exposed and my hand over her heart.

  34. sherry butcher

    Wonderful post. I do yoga and put my finger tips together to remember the calm and wonderful things of life. Thanks for sharing.

  35. Terri

    I love reading a great magazine and holding a good cup of coffee! Congratulations on being featured in Bella Grace. That magazine make me happy!

  36. this is a hard question for me, because I am such a visual/tactile person I have many that ground me and bring me back. Here are a few:

    My citrine crystal – it is from one of my first woman’s retreats, I actually carry it in my bra on really tough days.
    The hands and paws of loved ones, holding them always ground me.
    River rocks that have been smoothed with the passage of time.
    The feel of cool running water sifting through my fingers.
    The feel of tree bark under my hands, always grounds me, so strong and steadfast.
    The feel of drums vibrating into my hands as I bring in the beat…

    These are a few….

    Much love

  37. So lovely… all throughout my house there are rocks and stones I have collected from everywhere I go. And surrounding my house is the garden that soothes my very soul.

    So nice to see you in Bella Grace!

  38. Eloise

    When unworthiness and shame consume me, journaling, meditating, my dog on my lap, and practicing gratitude are all ways of coming back to center, if only I can summon them up.

  39. Ann

    The only thing that can help me get back in “tune” and bring that peace and grace I need from the weathering of life is my Bible. Through it I am reminded of the Almighty God who loves me, and the work of the cross of Jesus Christ who took my sins upon himself. It is only through them that I find any kind of peace and solace. Sure, rocks, flowers, and shells are lovely to look at, but only true peace comes to me through my Bible as I read it.

  40. Kari

    I grab my camera and go outside to photograph nature.

  41. Anab Roa

    i hold a pen and paper. or a book. or a paint brush. 🙂

  42. Kim McM

    I hold a soft, warm, fuzzy, (sometimes purring) kitty on my lap. It is calming, comforting, and it keeps me still because who wants to disturb a comfortable kitty?

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  44. Nancy D.

    I’ve found that as I get closer to God and continually put my faith in Him I’m immersed in peace. I also love and collect many of the treasures He’s made for us shells-rocks-feathers-wood- things that just catch my eye.

  45. A cup of tea and then clay or a paint brush can usually be most helpful.

  46. Pam

    Already have a copy of Bella Grace. Just wanted to say I really enjoyed your contribution to the it.

  47. A cat who purrs.
    My love’s hand.
    A dip pen and sepia ink and paper.
    A heart shaped stone.
    The thought of a loved one in my mind.

  48. Elizabeth W

    I hold a feather. It takes me back to one of the best parts of my life when I lived on a Wyoming ranch and wandered the fields freely, finding odd feathers and stones and small gifts from nature. It was heaven.

  49. oh i just looked at your instagram and plan to post a #shelifted later! thank you. what do i hold to ground me? ha, sometimes myself — arms wrapped around me. all here, all possibility. like you i love shells and stones and have gathered so many. i hold those too. and lastly, held in my mind — images of loved ones far, near, no longer on earth. the ones whose wisdom has lifted me all along. thanks for this wonderful post and the chance to win. xo

  50. Marguerite

    THREE is my most magically favorite number – so I was so-o-o drawn to your post. I have a brand new ‘item’ to hold to help me center… it is a photo of my brand new grandson :o) First time Grandma here! What a blessing to cherish and remind me of what is most important in this life.

  51. Miriam

    A stone I found on Cape Cod.

  52. Gill

    I have a holding cross, specially shaped to fit the hand. It was made for me by a friend. Holding it reminds me of Jesus & his love for me.

  53. A fountain pen with an extra-fine point – the ideas flow from my mind and heart into the pen and then out, as ink on paper, sometimes as words, sometimes as pictures, occasionally both. Sometimes I don’t really know what it will be until I see it take shape. This morning it was an open letter from God (I know – such hubris!) chastising humans for our selfishness when we have been given so much more than enough, and then later it was a silly little poem about one of my cats, who at twelve years old still seems to think he can get through the glass door to reach the birds outside!

  54. Jamie

    Beach glass, I love beach glass! I’m not so lucky to live so close to the ocean however! I love traveling to Lake Superior though.

  55. Jillian

    Heart rocks….always smooth lovely heart rocks gathered from Pacific NW beaches…..

  56. scorpio grrrl

    my “touchstone” is my kitty. and a cuppa green tea. if i can get both at once i’m in heaven. there’s nothing more calming than a purring kitty. it brings everything back to baseline for me.

  57. Laura Strack

    I always look for heart shaped rocks, as many of us do, so I am learning. I always picked them up so that I can add them to my fairy garden. You see it is on my front porch – a large wrought iron basket with four long legs, that stands to my waist, and when guest come to visit, I often see them through my peephole, smiling with excitement and pointing out all the whimsical goodness in the basket. If I have had a sad or stressful day, I can always visit my little happy garden. I seem to forget about my cares, at least for a little while. I so enjoyed this post. TY!

  58. I hold my own handmade SoulCollage deck in my hands and pull a card at random and let it speak to me, it is my own Soul showing my own way back home….

  59. I too hold my cat! She is such a comfort.

  60. PhaeLea

    I hold a pen and draw something or write something. Sometimes it’s just a list to download my brain, sometimes it’s a poem to translate my feelings, sometimes it’s a picture to give away.

  61. Ariane Cagle

    A large amethyst marble. I can roll it around in my hands when I’m anxious or even when I’m having trouble thinking straight. It also helps to soothe me.

  62. sunshine and fresh air
    and my husband’s and kiddos’ skin

  63. Sea Shells do it for me everytime. I have a conch and a perfect sand dollar that I treasure!

  64. Jeanne S.

    A chime ball that belonged to my mother. It makes the most beautiful delicate sound when moved. And I remember my mom.

  65. Holding old, tattered, unwanted ‘cutter quilts’; touching the hand stitching and thinking of the (possibly many ) women before me who have stitched and mended them. Feeling the powdery-soft worn fabric, and then bringing them home from whatever flea market/junk sale, etc. that they were relegated to. They come home with me, where they will remain intact in all their worn comfort.

  66. Sarah Brockington

    As I was cleaning out my Grandfather’s room after he passed I found in his drawer a paper cross that my mother had given to him ages ago. She signed it with all our names and now I carry it with me always. It brings me comfort and makes me feel closer to my Grandfather.

  67. For me to get back in tune, I find it comforting to hold my family’s hands and come together as a strong unit through prayer. It always amazes me just how revitalized I feel and how my heart overflows, full of hope and love! To me, going to the Creator – the source of ALL inspiration is the key. No material possession can ever take that place. Simple things can be very humbling!

  68. When I need to find my balance and peace, I gently hold, touch, hug and connect to my tree. Mostly it is the same tree close to where I am, although being near any tree grounds me and quickly brings me home to myself. When my tree /a tree is not close enough, I reach for a crystal, my rose quartz heart or my prayer beads. Mostly in these moments, it is following my breath that brings me home again.

  69. shila

    I hold rocks that I collect on trips–my favorite is one that fits perfectly in my palm and has a great weight and smoothness to it. Thank you for your stories and your comfort <3

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  71. Amy

    This post made me smile. She Is Three is a lovely place to visit and linger as I work struggle ease into finding and claiming my own voice on the worldwide web. Thank you to the three of you as you embody what I aspire to achieve–authenticity!

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