She lifted ~ Jennifer


“She lifted her eyes to the sky and asked for help.” ~Jennifer

It was one of those days. The odd thing is that I don’t remember why now. I only remember the good that came of it. My husband and I had gotten into an argument. We were both tired and frustrated. To clear the air, he asked me to head out for a bit with the baby while he stayed home to make dinner with our little girl. At first I dug my heels in, saying I wasn’t going anywhere. Then I realized he was right. We both needed some space and we both want a happy home for ourselves and our children, above all. I saw that it was a gift to go for a drive, clear my head, and lull the baby to sleep. And so I did.

I drove down one particular road twice, turning around because the light on the sunflowers caught my eye. Flowers have a way of calling me and calming me. I parked and set up my camera and tripod next to my car, where the baby was safe and asleep. There were a few looks and inquiries from people going in and out of the building (especially when they realized I was taking self-portraits, too), but I didn’t let them stop me. Surrounded by flowers, I looked up and asked for help.

A few minutes later, a woman approached me and asked if I was a professional photographer. I always balk at that question. “Um, no, not really,” I said. Smiling, she held out a card and invited me to her newly opened flower farm just a couple miles away. She said she wanted artists to feel welcome to come paint and take photos there. My heart sang. I began telling her about She is Three, the self-portrait I had just taken, and Bella Grace magazine. It turns out she is a counselor and art therapist with an office on the top floor of the building outside which I was parked. I immediately felt called to give her the extra copy of Bella Grace that I had purchased and still happened to have in the car. Her kind eyes lit up. She told me she would put it in her waiting room for her clients to enjoy. Indeed she has. I’ve been there a couple times myself already. Now when I look at this self-portrait, I remember how I asked for help and received it.


In other news, I want to say how lovely it was to read all of your comments on our special post for the Bella Grace Blog Hop. There were so many that we’re still replying to all of them! Thank you to each of you for visiting with us. Each person who shared was entered once. My daughter picked a name out of the bowl last night, and the winner is: Kim Mailhot! Congratulations, Kim! Please watch for an email from sheisthree{at}gmail{dot}com later today. I’ll be contacting you for your mailing address! I’ll be sending out the magazine as well as special gifts from the three of us: two sacred stones from Bella, my flower photograph postcards plus some dried lavender, and seashells collected by Deb!


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  2. Kim Mailhot

    Oh, how I love this post! I have known that ask from deep inside and receive from the universe experience myself. It creates such amazing gratitude!
    Thanks for the gifts you three bring, and thanks for my new little treasure, Bella Grace.
    Love and light!

    • Thank you so much, Kim! I cherish your compliments, and I’m so glad you stopped by. It means a lot to hear that people appreciate what we share. And I’m so glad that you’ve known that ask and receive experience. It is indeed such a gift…and brings forth such gratitude, yes!


  3. oh, j. there is much in this story that i love, much that speaks to me. i’m so glad you opened your heart and received the help you needed…and shined your love all the while.
    so beautiful. you.

  4. Barbara Paulsen

    Oh Jennifer! I got happy tears in my eyes that your day went from bad to good! What a fabulous photo and story to go along with it. Thank you for sharing and being brave enough to actually get out and take your selfie! Hugs, B.

    • Dearest B, thank you! I know how busy life gets, and it means so much to find this comment from you! Thank you so much for coming to visit, and for your happy tears!!! You are the best!!!


  5. truly just wonderful! xo

  6. LoriSW

    I love to hear about how the divine (whom ever that is to you), speaks to us through unexpected ways. Hugs~Lori

  7. Sharon Hallman

    So very calming. The words just flow over you. What a gift to be able to share such such wisdom. Touched my heart.

    • Wow, Sharon. Your words humble me, truly. I’m so thankful that you stopped by. I genuinely appreciate it when people take the time to comment here. Your words have touched my heart today.


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