She concealed ~ Deb

she concealed

“She concealed her longing to travel again, seeking for new adventures.” ~Deb

“I want the impossible, I want to fly all the time, I destroy ordinary life, I run towards all the dangers of love…” ~ Anaïs Nin ~

It has happened.
My Gypsy Soul is restless and she is longing to fly.

It’s been two years of feathering my new nest in Florida, seeking out my “tribe” and struggling with the current challenges that come along with relocating.
Now my wings are fluttering. My belly is aching. My feet are twitching. My fingers are itching.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my home, my friends and the glorious beach seven minutes down the road.
I actually live in a place like Paradise, and so many folks vacation here or have winter homes.

But wanderlust grabbed hold of me and I feel like one foot is out my front door.

I have returned to Texas for three weeks. I work here. I reconnect with my tribe. I dance. I laugh. I cry. I love.
My cup gets filled. My Gypsy Soul calms down, just a bit. She digs into her familiar lifestyle. She feels wild and free.

Yet now the time has come to explore some uncharted waters. Walk the path less chosen. Fly a new pattern. Swim a new Sea.

I am unsure where this longing will lead me.
But for now, I am counting the days until November when we travel to New York…my first visit ever. ~ eek ! ~
We will be visiting friends outside the city, so exploring new sights will be perfectly hosted.
And in the meantime, I feel better about revealing my concealed desires and longings.

Backstory about my photo: I drove down the road near my house, by the river with suitcase in hand. Wearing little of nothing, like you do when you go on tropical vacations.
I felt like I was running away from home that day, in such a hurry because thunderstorms were fiercely rolling in.
I was twirling by the waters edge, imagining myself in a new country. Eyes wide open, feeling free. My hand seems to be waving a strong good-bye.

But honestly, I am home. This is where I live and love.
This is enough. For now.
Yet when I listen to the song by Zac Brown, this line gets me every time:
“I got a Gypsy Soul to blame and I was born for leavin’.”


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9 Responses to She concealed ~ Deb

  1. have a wonderful adventure to new york and have many wonderful adventures every day! xo

  2. Wanderlust…lusting to wander! I have that feeling so often…just want to minimalize and to will my free spirit to wherever…where ever it feels right…warm, welcoming, inviting! But the older I get the more I stay still…obligations, aging parents, anxiety, commitments! I understand that pull…I hear the same wind whispering…go…go…go…
    For now I close my eyes…I’m in a quiet colorful village in Uruguay…walking to the local market for fruit and veggies, enjoying the unfamiliar…it’s warm, welcoming and inviting! It’s right…for now!
    I will be so unhappy if you leave, but I totally understand the need! XO

  3. Dot Mc

    Love home. Love being in and exploring other places. Traveling there not so much.

  4. glad to know your cup is being filled in texas…and will be filled some more come november!!!
    {i love being home, but i’ve got a bit of gypsy mixed in there too.}
    love this shot of you, deb…

  5. Robyn

    I have a gypsy soul, I wanted to live in Cornwall, on the other side of the globe. Too far, so I travelled there for a few months and laid ancestral ghosts to rest. I felt much calmer. Then came home and realized that much of my wanderlust was past life stuff and I went deep within for months, healing and letting go, rituals and art. Now, I am moving from the mountains to the sea and I know that this will be my last move. My gypsy soul is calm and my sea witch soul very excited!
    New York is brilliant, I visited for 6 weeks in December 2001, stayed with friends and crossed all that I wanted to see and do there off my list. Have fun!! xo

  6. I am identifying with the urge to pick up and go to a soul place. But with my house under contract and all that entails, I am pulled down to earth and staked here for the foreseeable future. When this is over, I’m looking forward to making my little cottage at the edge of the woods feel like home. . . and then setting out to see people, places, and things that are calling me.

  7. I adore your gypsy soul.
    And I will see you in November.
    It’s too close… xo

  8. Katie

    I can relate. Traveling always seems to revive me in a way nothing else can. It rekindles my wonder & my ability to learn so much from each & every new place I encounter. I like this. Thanks for sharing.

  9. home is where the heart is….
    when our hearts are open we are at home in this glorious world wherever we go. just back from san miguel where i heard your laughter, i felt your love, and your hand slip into mine. thank you mi amor, thank you for every time your gypsy heart has followed me there.

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