She trusted her love ~ Deb

she trusted her love

“She trusted her love with all her heart, mind, body and soul.” ~Deb

There was a time I did not trust love….being loved, nor loving.
I loved and lived in fear of it dissolving, dying and diminishing.

Falling in and out of love was so easy for me and I became well rehearsed after going in and out of relationships and marriages.

I gave my body away to love. I sold my soul for love. I lost my mind in love.
Love broke my heart one last time.
I was closed for repair.

Then one sunny afternoon in a far away land, love came knocking at my gate.
It was unexpected and ran thru me like a freight train.

I began to ( hesitantly ) peel away the layers.
Strip it down and bare myself.
I cracked open my heart, once again.

I offered and received love with a fresh desire that gave me new hope.

Once again I trust my heart, my mind, my body and my soul.

Backstory about my self portrait.
I needed to strip it down and hold my naked body, honoring my heart and trusting love, once again.
She’s all I got.


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5 Responses to She trusted her love ~ Deb

  1. I can appreciate the “closed for repair.”
    And also the love. Self love.

  2. Kelly kardos

    Extraordinary. Glad you were able to peel back the layers.

  3. Leslie Streeter

    Beautiful expression. Beautiful photo. So glad you are “open for business” 🙂

  4. Melody

    Deb, you inspire…the way you have learned to trust yourself and to love. Your expressiveness. Your beauty. Thank you.

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