She went to the water ~ Deb

she went to the water
“She went to the water to revive her Soul.” ~Deb

I live on a barrier island in between the Banana River and the Indian River.
Seven minutes from my front door is the Atlantic Ocean.

I am surrounded by water.

Salty, brackish, calm, choppy, wavy.

I see water every single day when I leave my house.

I wish I had a water view from my bedroom, yet I can walk to the river in five minutes where the sunrises are amazing!

When I see that pinky-orange sky I leap out of bed and go to the water for a soothing start to my day.

Sometimes when I am feeling a bit frazzled and crusty, I drive straight to the beach and lay it all down; literally on the sandy beach at the water’s edge and allow the waves to wash over me..soothing my Soul. I don’t even bother to change clothes. I am instantly transformed and softened.

I go to the water for a refreshing swim where I frolic in the waves like a Mermaid. Leaping and laughing. Floating and drifting.

There are so many fancy toys for water play such surfboards, kayaks and kite sailing.

But for me, I don’t have a need for speed.

I go to the water to slow down.

To “get right.”


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5 Responses to She went to the water ~ Deb

  1. the slowing down and the getting right. water is amazing, isn’t it? yes, i think i’ll join you right there…

  2. Mary Buckland

    I love to be near water it…it brings so much focus to your mind and soul…Deb I truly believe you have found your Happy Place…loves

  3. Very moving! Amazing how healing the sea can be!
    Great words…great post!

  4. Leslie Streeter

    “…I lay it all down…on the sandy beach at the water’s edge…” love that! It sounds and feels so cleansing. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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