Did she forget ~ Bella

Bella Si3 Feb


“Did she forget she had boundless potential?” ~Bella


She doubts herself sometimes. Did she say the right words or make a good suggestion? Was it even her place to make a suggestion? Who does she think she is?


She doubts herself sometimes. When she thumbs through the pages of a magazine. When she surfs through blog pages and photography portfolios. She thinks everyone is ten steps ahead of her or doing things better than she ever could.


She doubts herself sometimes. When she receives unsolicited advice it makes her cringe. Do people really believe they can fix her?


She doubts herself sometimes. But every now and again, she finds herself in the woods with no external chatter to distract her. She feels the light of nature pierce her in that deep, faraway place and she remembers just how magnificently she radiates with potential. She cannot forget that.


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  1. deb

    Never ever forget how marvelous beautiful potential creative smart loving and kind human being that YOU are. I am better to know you. I love you.

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