Did she forget ~ Deb

did she forget

“Did she forget to remember?” ~Deb


This phrase and practice is showing up more and more in my daily life.
My 58 year old brain struggles sometimes with trying to remember.
Birthdays. Bill payments. Names. Deadlines.
“Uh, oh…( in the middle of night ) … did I put away the leftovers?”
“Did I start the clothes in the dryer”
Or did I actually forget to wash them ?


I know, I know…we all do this, no matter what our age.
But at my age, I am beginning to worry about the forgetting.



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3 Responses to Did she forget ~ Deb

  1. Sue Foster

    Forget that you forget? You haven’t forgotten beauty and joy and honesty. The things that matter. And with age comes forgiveness…remember to apply that to yourself.

  2. Nancy Quinn

    Dearest Deb. You forget mundane daily things because you have a beautiful mind that is so full of love and joy that it just boots out the other, not so pretty things. Hugs and love…..

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