What if she uncovered


As we inch our way toward spring in the Northern Hemisphere, many of us are seeing the last of the snow melt.  The clouds are beginning to clear on multiple levels.  We’re starting to catch a glimpse of what lies underneath.  This month, we’re wondering the same for ourselves, and for you, too.  “What if she uncovered” is our prompt for March, and we invite you to make use of it in any way you feel called.  By all means, join us by posting your #whatifsheuncovered self-portraits for #sheisthreedotcom on Instagram.  It’s always wonderful to witness you as you peel back the layers.

We’ll be back with our quotes and stories on the 14th, 21st, and 28th.  For now, we have this little video for you!




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4 Responses to What if she uncovered

  1. Deb, your bravery in selfies never fails to astonish me.

  2. deb

    Sisters Three…I love us !!! I feel so honored to continue this soul filled heart opening journey alongside you.

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