What if she uncovered ~ Deb

what if she uncovered ?

What if she uncovered all of her true self?


Strip it down. Bare it (almost) all. Expose your real, raw vulnerable self.
Seems a little frightening to some, yet for me, I feel most comfortable in my own skin.
Not some factory made dress or t-shirt or even my favorite faded jeans.
In fact, my Mom tells about when I was little she could hardly keep clothes on me.

Self portraiture , to me, is all about healing by seeing. Mending the broken parts of yourself with kindness and acceptance. Learning to love the changes of time. Embracing the whole self, uncovered.

Many of my self portraits expose my bold and brave personality traits, but also the open and honest stories of growth as a weathering woman. The physical changes. The rusty bits and pieces. The softening.

So if you want to continue this journey alongside me, click here for more of my “Bare Beauty” and feel free to join our self portrait challenge this month, uncovering your true, open and honest self. Tag your photos #whatifsheuncovered #sheisthreedotcom over on Instagram so we can find you. All of you!
And if you missed my little video about shooting in the bathtub, click here!



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4 Responses to What if she uncovered ~ Deb

  1. Leslie

    Beautiful inside and out!” Learning to love the changes…” Thank you!

  2. Deb, you are always an inspiration and a great example of grace in action. My heart needed your share here today. Thank you dear xox …keep uncovering that beautiful you!

  3. All beautiful images of yourself Deb, showing up as you are is to be vulnerable and brave at the same time…. x

  4. I think you are my new hero! Absolutely beautiful.

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