Is she aware of ~ Deb

aware of


“Is she aware of what she holds in her hands?” ~Deb


Two months ago I was {rapidly and mindlessly} chopping carrots.
I sliced off the tip of my finger.
The trip to the ER resulted in no stitches, no grafts, no Tequila.
Oh wait…if only Tequila had been offered, because I am allergic to all pain medications, but not Tequila!

I am still experiencing pain like never before.
I am limited and compromised when I try to type this story.
Threading a needle, hanging clothes on the line and opening a bottle of wine cause me to pause.
I rely on other body parts to assist what once was a natural, mundane, daily movement.
The simple act of changing my camera settings to make this photo was interesting.
Yesterday was the first day I could actually wash my hair with all ten fingers.
It. Felt. So. Good.

I am sharing this photo and backstory with you to demonstrate how important our hands are.
They are our tools. They are our way to communicate, to create.
We cradle our children and squeeze our lover.
We paint the canvas, we play the piano, we knead the dough, we carve the stone, we bend the wire, we type the story, we draw the line, we massage the flesh, we mend the wound.

I have learned to SLOW DOWN.
I am reminded to be in the present moment.

Carrots get chopped. Fingers do not. And Tequila can be enjoyed.


Backstory : I created my photo this month to emphasize the importance of my hands.
I dressed in black against a black backdrop. Remember to focus on your hands.

And if you want to see more of my “handy” photos, join me over here.



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4 Responses to Is she aware of ~ Deb

  1. oh, lady. wishing you continued healing on that finger of yours and a continued slowing down.
    i do love your fire… x

  2. Nancy Quinn

    I should kissed it better. So here is a long distance kiss and make it better, just for your poor finger. Hugs

  3. What a way to emphasize how important hands are. Glad you’re healing; I’m sorry it’s taking so long.

  4. Stephanie Lala

    In this photo I see your hands, I see your eyes. The pause you mention speaks to me as the moment by moment unveiling – the remembering – of the communication and collaboration of the the two. This injury, on the other side of the pain and lengthy healing process, seems a little like a walking meditation to me.
    All the shining you do is undoubtedly medicine for this.

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