Does she walk her talk



During the month of May, we’re asking ourselves a pivotal question: “Does she walk her talk?”  What exactly does that mean?  It’s up to you.  We invite you to spend some time sitting with this prompt and evaluating your way of life right now.  Do you practice what you preach, so to speak?  How can you portray that story in a self-portrait?  As always, we encourage you to use this prompt as a springboard.  Let it take you where you wherever you need to go…and remember to bring your camera with you.


We’ll be back here on the blog sharing our stories behind the photos on the 14th, 21st, and 28th, respectively.  Come see us here and follow us on Instagram {@sheisthree} as well!  Don’t forget to use the hashtags #sheisthreedotcom #doesshewalkhertalk when posting on Instagram so we can find each other.  Until then, here’s a video for you in which we three discuss this month’s prompt:


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  1. deb

    I love us. All three of us. Walking our talk.

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