Does she walk her talk ~ Jennifer

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“She had to stop and think: does she walk her talk?”


What is my talk? I had a really hard time trying to pin down exactly what that means. As I sat on a rock next to the daffodils, I stopped to listen. I didn’t hear any clear answers, so I kept sitting there. I stared at the water and felt the cold breeze, thankful that I had thought to grab a coat. I enjoyed hearing the sweet chirping of goldfinches and cardinals, punctuated by the occasional trill of the redwing blackbird. The wind chimes rang in the background, always there to offer a song. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I inhaled until my lungs filled to the point of satiation. Then I let go.

Suddenly, I realized that I had just practiced walking my talk, so to speak. The themes of patience, nature, and letting go had surfaced once again. I don’t know all the answers. Not by any means. Besides, the ones I really want to know aren’t spelled out in any book or illustrated in any chart. They are nestled in the crevices of everyday life. They are inscribed on the petals of a flower. They are written in the bark of the trees. They are emanating from the purr of a cat. They are flowing amidst the ocean waves and gently lapping against the shores of the pond. They are whispering in the tall grass and floating through the air on dandelion seeds.

The answers I seek are subtle yet enormous. They are incredibly simple and yet so hard to attain. How can I be more loving, accepting, patient, and free? How can I release the fears, frustrations, worries, and old patterns still lurking in the shadows? How can I embrace this life with my eyes open and my heart pure? How can I bring light into the world? Even though I don’t have all the answers, I trust that I am slowly unearthing glimmers of them along the way. I never stop moving forward, watching for the next spark, the next shimmer, the next bright spot.  I’ll continue to experience dark and doubtful days, of course, but I do know two things: the darkness always passes, and connecting with nature never fails to show me the light.


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4 Responses to Does she walk her talk ~ Jennifer

  1. deb

    when I slow down and absorb these moments. your thoughts and words.
    I walk away a better person. refreshed and reminded.

    • Oh Deb,

      I always feel like a better person when I read your comments.
      Thank you for being the down to earth and open-hearted woman that you are.
      I love all that you are.


  2. do you know…as I read the last line of your first paragraph, I noticed I was taking a very deep breath myself and then there was my gentle exhale, the letting go…and your beautiful, heartfelt thoughts to accompany and parallel…

    • Sweet M,

      I’m smiling knowing that you took a deep breath and a gentle exhale. That parallel between us…it’s something I know and love.
      Thank you for being there. I feel the connection each and every day.


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