Does she walk her talk ~ Deb

does she walk her talk


“Does she walk her talk or run her mouth?” ~ Deb


I blog. I instagram. I facebook. I tweet.

I show up here twice a month to reveal my truth with self-portraits and stories beyond my photo.

But am I exposing my true self? Do I bring forth my authentic self?

Some days are hard. Some prompts are painful. Sometimes I have no time.

Yet when I get outside my head and back into my body, I go to the river and sit on the grass and make a self-portrait that reveals exactly what I am feeling; the true talk of my day.
I really do have hard days that challenge my well-being and my soft-shelled heart.
I walk thru it with my head high, arms flexed and chin up, all the while knowing that I can rise above the situation and turn it around into a happy moment.

And for me, that is walking my talk.


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  1. love your walk. and your talk. and you. x

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