When she noticed ~ Deb

when she noticed


“When she noticed her unbalance, she went to the beach.” ~Deb

I can get caught up in daily mundane business. Family matters, deadlines and personal demands.
The unnecessary expectations and double parking of my attentions.
I feel out of touch. My feet don’t even feel grounded to Mother Earth.
I can become cranky and not so fun to be around.

So the perfect medicine for me is to get in my car, drive seven short miles to the beach and stand by the water’s edge. The crashing waves. The negative ions of the salty air. The warm sand under my bare feet. The sun on my shoulders.

All these elements line up perfectly when I need to “get right.”
My balance has returned. I feel grounded and strong again. Refreshed. Renewed. Reborn.

I am so fortunate to live near the ocean to receive her gifts like this on a daily basis.
If only I would pay attention and notice it before I get cranky !!

“The cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears, or the sea” ~ Isak Dinesen ~



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2 Responses to When she noticed ~ Deb

  1. so glad the beach is close by…it makes me happy to picture you there at water’s edge.

    really loved the second line: “the unnecessary expectations and double parking of my attentions”…yep, me too sometimes. must undo.

  2. I have been getting better at noticing when unbalance comes into my life. I connect my bare feet to the earth on a daily basis now. This has helped me so much. My beach is my yard and flower garden. I groom the garden with my hands and feed in the dirt. This brings me peace. Thank you for all you put out into the world. You touch and connect to so many . Thank you for all the light you have shined my way cherished friend.

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