She embodied freedom ~ Deb

she embodied her freedom final


“She embodied her freedom when she got outside her body.” ~Deb


OKAY. Let’s talk about something uncomfortable.
As we age, we like and love our body less and less…RIGHT?

Are you listening to me now? We grumble and frown at the softening belly, the wrinkles and crinkles.
We notice our diminishing libido, stamina and effervescence.

So why not celebrate and embrace it? Let’s get out of our head and body.

Let’s do a cartwheel. Let’s wiggle our hips. Let’s sing real loud with the radio.
Let’s learn archery. Let’s try kickboxing. Let’s skip rope.


Let’s go back to when we were child-like and carefree.

Come on…I dare you. Let go. Rip it up. BE FREE.

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5 Responses to She embodied freedom ~ Deb

  1. Bunny

    You inspire me, darling Deb. You are the em”body”meant if Love, Light, and Joy!

  2. You put a smile on my face this morning Deb…Keep on bombing petal! x

  3. I love this Deb! Your such an inspiring spirit. The boys continue on a daily basis to remind me of what being a child was like. I love being tapped into that energy. I catch myself being hard or serious and then I soften myself as I remember to laugh at it all… Ride the water slide until my body has the telling marks of childhood???? oh yah!!!!!

  4. Those question marks were emojis LOL not meant as a question 🙂

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