She acknowledged ~ Deb

“She acknowledged the need to simplify her life.” ~Deb
I stripped it down again this month.
Baring, bearing and acknowledging my truth.

And my truth is that I am trying to simplify.
My art studio.
My fabric collection.
My wine consumption.
My social media.
My travel expenses.
My desire for change.

It’s one thing to take on more than you can handle.
But it’s another to admit it out loud…and then say “No, I cannot do that, or this.”
And take the break you need to save yourself.

Somedays I feel like Super Woman with all the extraordinary powers and I get all the stuff done!
And then like a wave that rolls over me, I get knocked down. I feel like I just can’t keep up.
I shut off the phone, unplug from social media and neglect emails and phonecalls.

I break it down. I come undone. Shed a few layers (as in my photo above)
I slow down. I rest. I rejuvenate. I look inward. I re-evaluate.

Then like a Phoenix, I arise.
I rise above the raging current and begin to float.
I begin to manage my emotions, actions and connections with a clean, fresh slate.
I feel kinder and more patient. I soften. I feel the peace.

My friends and family deserve that.
I will continue to simplify as I acknowledge my truth.

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