She is wild ~Bella



“She is Wild and Reborn.” ~Bella


There are stories I carry. These stories were passed down to me from my mother and father who took on these same stories from their mother and father. By default, I should live out these stories and see them trickle down into my daughter’s hands.

These stories live in tradition and convention. These stories are what people expect of me. They are safe. They are vanilla. They are not in alignment with the part of me that is free, feral, and wild. And I can no longer carry them.

And so I sit in the forest. I burn my palo santo wood, and I ask my guides to help me break free of the old, molded ideas that no longer serve me. I seek ideas and vision what it would look like to face my days from a place of no boundaries or restrictions.

It is new, this wild me that is emerging and being born. And I really like who she is.


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  1. This is so lovely, Bella. Thank you for sharing! I read this site periodically & sometimes am inspired to participate on mine. Of all the posts this month, I feel myself resonating the most with yours as I am still very much dealing with the weight of carrying and releasing old stories. I must say that, while pop culture addresses this in a decidedly simplistic way, I am at least happy to see my daughter watching shows (like Descendants & Ever After High) which encourage daughters to break meaningfully from tradition and, in the process, bring balance to their families. Meanwhile, “She is Wild” is a topic which grabbed me. My contribution is linked here:

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