She is wild ~ Deb

she is wild

“She is wild as weather.” ~Deb


Hurricanes and Tornadoes.
Floods and Freezes.
I’ve experienced them all.
Literally first hand because weather destroyed my homes, more than once.


Sometimes I remind myself of a bad storm…twirling and swirling.
I cause a bit of emotional havoc because I am restless and always changing.
My loved ones rarely find sturdy, solid ground under my feet.
They know that I am headstrong and willing to blow away with the wind, as it changes.


But I like my life that that. I crave change.
I chase the new and exciting storms.
Ready to ride the wave.


But another truth about me is this…I can be the calm after the storm.
I can be a sweet summer kiss of sunshine on your cheek.
In my stillness I am like a gentle cool breeze on the first day of Fall.
I can quench your Soul like a gentle rain.


No matter what or where, I am always there. Just like the wild weather.

“I got a Gypsy Soul and I was born for leaving”  ~ Colder Weather by Zac Brown Band ~


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