She looked in the mirror ~ Deb



“She looked in the mirror with curious intention.” ~Deb


Some days are easier than others to peek around the corner into that raw reflection of YOUrself.
Sometimes I see the extra wrinkles and baggy eyes. Other days I see vibrant curiosity with a mischievous grin. Some days I see the curve of my strong shoulders who just sat with a friend, weeping about her life circumstances. And finally those days when all I see is my softening belly and jiggly thighs.

Yet I keep showing up. With camera in hand. With curious creativity to embrace these days of aging gracefully.

As I looked back on my archive of self-portraits, I discovered a surprising collection of shots involving mirrors.
They seem to add mystery to the photo I am creating.
Some offer a soft, dreamy vintage feeling, with crackly backgrounds, beveled edges and intricate frames.
Others are those moments in a public bathroom selfie shot.
And how about that one we all have in the car rearview mirror, right?

Technology today offers timers and front facing settings on our cameras and mobile phones.
But did you know that mirror self-portraits actually began in the early 1800s?
If you are as fascinated by this fact that I am, click here for some great examples.
I adore seeing all the different types of cameras!

If you are so inclined to join our self-portrait journey, we would love to find you with #shelookedinthemirror #sheisthreedotcom. And if you follow me on Instagram, come have a peek at my #debinthemirror for inspiration!


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  1. I do love your mirror work, Deb (well, all your work).
    and what a great link…thanks for sharing…those mirror self-portraits are fantastic!

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