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Did she forget ~ Deb

did she forget

“Did she forget to remember?” ~Deb


This phrase and practice is showing up more and more in my daily life.
My 58 year old brain struggles sometimes with trying to remember.
Birthdays. Bill payments. Names. Deadlines.
“Uh, oh…( in the middle of night ) … did I put away the leftovers?”
“Did I start the clothes in the dryer”
Or did I actually forget to wash them ?


I know, I know…we all do this, no matter what our age.
But at my age, I am beginning to worry about the forgetting.



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When she wakes up ~ Deb

she wakes up

“When she wakes up she takes responsibility for her day.” ~Deb

When I wake up and come back into my body, I no longer want to reside in the dreamy darkness.
I am ready to come alive with anticipation for the day ahead of me.
Grateful to be alive. Eager to discover what awaits me.

It’s not always what I have in mind, because life throws me an occasional curveball.

So with intention, I have created a bright, yellow, colorful cheerful bedroom environment to awaken to each morning. This sets my mood, inviting me into the light, with a fresh new start.

I believe I have a choice. Refusing to wear the coat of frustration and pain that yesterday brought.
I awaken to a blank canvas and it is my responsibility to create my own environment of well being.

So, with that being said…come have a look inside my personal space here, and tell me…wouldn’t you like to wake up to that ?

WARNING : Twinkle lights and sunshine may cause smiles, giggles and joy !

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She claimed her power ~ Deb

she claimed her power


“She claimed her power with herself.” ~Deb


As a self-portrait artist, my work is often very healing.
Oh yes, some days are silly and playful, but there are times when I need to retreat to something that grounds me.
Like when I am feeling disjointed or in a state of disarray, I return to the familiar. The comfortable.
I grab my camera, remote and tripod and create a photo. I do not take self-portraits, I make them.


The power I have within my own self is tiny and mighty. All I have to do is tap into it.
And on days when life is hard, I simplify it by making art. For now, photography is my Super Power.
It is the therapy I need on dark days. It has become my voice.
When words elude me, my photos find me.


If you missed my video, click here for 45 seconds of my own interpretation of “claiming my SUPER power”


And will you tell me in the comments below…how do you claim your power? Do you breathe deeply? Practice yoga? Take long naps? Long walks? Long bubble baths? Eat ice cream and extra chocolate!?! Tell me…



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She danced with the wind ~ Deb

she danced with the wind

“She danced with the wind, her constant companion.” ~Deb

Wind is sexy. It kisses my face. It sends my skirt up around the hidden parts.
It tousles my hair and cools my sweaty neckline.
It always seems to be available to me, since I live near the ocean.

I love to dance.
Alone. Partnered. Fast. Slow. Indoors. Outdoors.
In the kitchen. On the playground. At the beach.

So whenever I need to hit the refresh button, clear my monkey mind or simply get my blood rushing…
I go outside and dance.
It matters not if people are in the park walking their dog or kicking the soccer ball.
I dance.
Just like the early morning when I snapped this photo.
I was wearing a vintage frilly skirt, in the middle of a soccer field.
I danced.
The wind was my partner. I closed my eyes and allowed her to sweep me off my feet.
I giggled. I felt free.

Try it.
Just dance.
Even if you have no wind.
Just dance.

Give it a whirl … and tell me about it below!!

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She made magic ~ Deb

She Made Magic
“She made magic every day of the week.” ~Deb

I don’t need a holiday on the calendar to dress up in vintage underwear and shoot a self-portrait.
I do, however, like the magic of the season.
Masks, glitter, wigs, costumes and facepainting.

I like to have fun. Every. Damn. Day.
Why not? Life is way too short to forget how to play.
So sometimes the routine agenda needs a little magic;
Sprinkled with glitter, purple hair dye, adorned with a funky hat or maybe a vintage twirly skirt.

And then all of a sudden, routine and mundane becomes fun and magical.
The checkout clerk at the store is delighted to see your spark.
The postmaster looks twice at the purple hair and says “I wish I could dye my hair like that.”
The barista high fives you when she sees your temporary metallic tattoos.

This is the time of year when costumes and parties invite us to become someone else…or are we really dressing up to be just like ourselves?

EXTRA :: I can hardly believe I am sharing this with you. But I like to “keep it real” so here goes. The following video clip is an out take of when I had no idea I was filming. I was setting up the camera (in the middle of the night) and of course swatting mosquitoes and shaking up my boobs, without knowing the camera was filming. And yes, I talk to my camera.


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She walked along the street ~ Deb

“She walked along the street, following her heart.” ~Deb

A few years ago I made the hard decision to sell my home in Texas, which was also my business as a Bed & Breakfast.
I wanted to live near my aging parents. I was leaving my friends and community, diving into unchartered waters.
My criteria for living near my mom and stepdad was to be within walking or bike-riding distance. Because when you become a caregiver, it’s easier that way when you receive those 2 am phone calls for help. You can walk down the street in your PJs.

It’s easy to bake a casserole, walk three doors down and share dinner together.
She pours the wine. Our feet are bare.
We watch sunsets from the front porch, until the mosquitoes bite our toes.

My stepdad Jack suffers with Alzheimer’s Disease. So when he is having a good day, it’s easy to walk down the street to share moments of laughter together.

I followed my heart to Florida, even though it broke my Texas heart.

I am here.
Barefoot and finding my happy.


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She worshipped the sun ~ Deb

she worshipped the sun

“She worshipped the sun, even on the darkest of days.” ~Deb

I am a sun worshipper.
I am solar powered.
I live in sunny places like Texas, Mexico and Florida.
My wrinkly dry skin is evidence.
Yes, occasionally I visit the dermatologist for precancerous removals.
And yes, I always wear good sunscreen.

But on rainy, overcast days, I still create a sunshiny feeling inside my home.
Twinkle lights glow around the clock, reminding me to wish upon the stars.
Salt lamps are also glowing in every room, reminding me of Mother Earth and her offerings.
I also collect vintage lights and lamps, so when it begins to get dark outside, you will find me setting the tone of a warm and cozy fireside glow.
Even in the 90 degree sunny weather, I can feel the sunshine inside my home, any time of the day or night!

I used to live in the Pacific Northwest under those cold gray skies, where I learned how to create my own kind of sunshine.
Try things like wearing yellow and orange.
Paint with those bright new colors.
String up twinkle lights, don’t wait for holidays.
Light candles at lunch, no need to save them for fancy dinners.
Splurge on that pretty stained glass lamp you know you want to buy down at the antique store. You will thank me later.

“It’s a shiny tin can of a day, bright but gray” ~ Jarod Kintz

Closing for now with a John Denver tune… “Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy”


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She found freedom ~ Deb

she found freedom

“She found freedom inside her stolen moments of solitude.” ~Deb

Remember that feeling as a kid when you were building tents in the living room with bed sheets and card tables,
Sitting inside that soft womb of safety,
Nestled in your own tiny world of make-believe,
Dark and quiet and cozy?

That is what my self-portrait is all about:
Taking a moment to be alone;
To create space for comfort and solitude.

I captured this shot early in the morning, just before the noisy first day of Kids Art Day Camp I am teaching this summer.
Here I sat, with myself, inside a refrigerator box which would later be transformed into a children’s “prehistoric cave.”

Just me. Silent. Peaceful. Calm.

I was reminded that as much as I adore creative gatherings, I also require moments of seclusion.
I thrive on the peace of privacy;
The moment to enjoy my own company,
And the freedom to be at one with myself.


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She went to the water ~ Deb

she went to the water
“She went to the water to revive her Soul.” ~Deb

I live on a barrier island in between the Banana River and the Indian River.
Seven minutes from my front door is the Atlantic Ocean.

I am surrounded by water.

Salty, brackish, calm, choppy, wavy.

I see water every single day when I leave my house.

I wish I had a water view from my bedroom, yet I can walk to the river in five minutes where the sunrises are amazing!

When I see that pinky-orange sky I leap out of bed and go to the water for a soothing start to my day.

Sometimes when I am feeling a bit frazzled and crusty, I drive straight to the beach and lay it all down; literally on the sandy beach at the water’s edge and allow the waves to wash over me..soothing my Soul. I don’t even bother to change clothes. I am instantly transformed and softened.

I go to the water for a refreshing swim where I frolic in the waves like a Mermaid. Leaping and laughing. Floating and drifting.

There are so many fancy toys for water play such surfboards, kayaks and kite sailing.

But for me, I don’t have a need for speed.

I go to the water to slow down.

To “get right.”


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She regained her strength ~ Deb

she regained her strength
“She regained her strength one step at a time.” ~Deb

I got lazy.
I wasn’t showing up to the gym.
My springy step was losing its bounce.
My yoga mat was lonely.

I felt slow and sad and sluggish.

So I bought a fun pair of shoes.
And some colorful workout duds.
I renewed my membership at the gym.
I started walking at the neighborhood park…five. miles. every. damn. day.

One step at a time, one mile at a time, I am getting stronger.
I am standing taller.
I am lasting longer (giggle)
I am breathing deeper.

My legs are leaner.
My belly is flatter.
My back is firmer.
My heart is happier.

And that’s truly what matters.
My 57 year old body is still squishy and curvy.
My saggy skin encases some brittle bones.
But oh that heart…my happy heart!!!

That’s what really matters at the end of every single day.


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