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She acknowledged ~ Deb

“She acknowledged the need to simplify her life.” ~Deb
I stripped it down again this month.
Baring, bearing and acknowledging my truth.

And my truth is that I am trying to simplify.
My art studio.
My fabric collection.
My wine consumption.
My social media.
My travel expenses.
My desire for change.

It’s one thing to take on more than you can handle.
But it’s another to admit it out loud…and then say “No, I cannot do that, or this.”
And take the break you need to save yourself.

Somedays I feel like Super Woman with all the extraordinary powers and I get all the stuff done!
And then like a wave that rolls over me, I get knocked down. I feel like I just can’t keep up.
I shut off the phone, unplug from social media and neglect emails and phonecalls.

I break it down. I come undone. Shed a few layers (as in my photo above)
I slow down. I rest. I rejuvenate. I look inward. I re-evaluate.

Then like a Phoenix, I arise.
I rise above the raging current and begin to float.
I begin to manage my emotions, actions and connections with a clean, fresh slate.
I feel kinder and more patient. I soften. I feel the peace.

My friends and family deserve that.
I will continue to simplify as I acknowledge my truth.

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She acknowledged ~ Jennifer

“She acknowledged the need to have fun.” ~Jennifer
It took a trip to kindergarten for me to remember how important it is to have fun. On my daughter’s first day of school, my husband and I (and the other kindergarten families) rode the bus with her. We met the teacher and we watched as the children hung their backpacks in their cubbies and found their names at the tables. As I stood in the back of the room observing, I learned a great deal.

Gone are the days of chalk and blackboard. The teacher used a Promethean board connected to her computer to project the lessons. With a stylus, she colored in various shapes on the interactive white board. She showed how scribbling with no effort was not acceptable. Then as she was carefully filling in another shape, she “accidentally” colored outside the lines. It’s okay if that happens sometimes, she explained, as long as you try your best.

In the back of my head, I knew I had to take a self-portrait for She is Three when we got home that day. Neither timing nor weather nor inspiration had lined up for me to do it during the days prior. But after we got off the bus that afternoon, I just wanted to relax. I wanted to do my best for the photo, but I didn’t want to stress out about staying inside the lines. It was a gorgeous sunny day, so I took my daughter and my son outside to play. As we were blowing bubbles near the zinnias, I thought about the kindergarten lesson again. Then I told myself to forget about composition, clothing, and location. Instead of going inside to get my DSLR, I snapped some photos with my iPhone while my children were playing right in front of me. Then I put the phone down and went back to enjoying the beauty of the zinnias, the simple joy of blowing bubbles, and the giggles of my little ones. Both my daughter and I colored outside the lines a bit that day, but we did our best and we had lots of fun.

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She acknowledged ~ Bella



“She acknowledged all aspects of her strength.” ~Bella


There are days that I feel like I am a strong woman. On those days, when my head hits the pillow and thoughts drift in and out of my head, I think about what kind of strength it took to get through that day. Sometimes I give myself a little pat on the back thinking how tough I was to plough through the muck to arrive at this moment of rest.


In all honesty, it may be healthy to recognize our strengths and give ourselves some lovin’ when we make it through something difficult. But there is a strength we don’t often see or recognize until much time and thought process have happened. Do you know those instances when we wonder to ourselves how in the world we got through a difficult situation like a health crisis or a loss? We walk through traumatic events in two possible states: autopilot with our feelings below the surface or dazed in shock, unable to feel. Coming out of it on the other side, we recognize a strength we had no idea we knew we possessed.


I’m there right now. In the thick of it as I travel through a miniature health situation with my husband. And sometimes, the situation weighs so heavily I have no choice but to get down on the floor and move, stretch, and shake all the feelings away. I still put one foot in front of the other and I know that somewhere in my thoughts many months from now, I’ll wonder how I got through this. And I will see what it looked like from there. Until then, it is only onward.


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She acknowledged



There is so much to acknowledge on any given day. We have emotions, experiences, needs, and responsibilities that call for our attention constantly. It can be hard to acknowledge everything going on around us and within us. There are times when it’s easier to turn a blind eye or bury our heads in the sand, but that’s not what we aim to do here at She is Three. So we’re stepping out and acknowledging what is coming up in our days, our hours, even our minutes.

We invite you to come forward and acknowledge what is going on in your world this month. It doesn’t have to be neat and tidy. It does have to be you, however, just as you are right now. The truth is beautiful, and that’s what we want to see. We want you to see it in yourselves, too.

Please join us on Instagram by tagging your self-portraits #sheisthreedotcom #sheacknowledged (and feel free to post as often as you like)!

Do stop by here on the 14th, 21st, and 28th to read the quotes and stories behind our photos. For now, here’s a little peek into our process this month!


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