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She is ready ~ Deb

she is ready


“She is ready for change.” ~Deb


My restless spirit is rumbling again.
I seem to be trying to get back in balance.
My self portrait this month illustrates myself out on the end of the bench, trying to make my way back to the middle. Or better yet, see the light in the left corner? I am teetering in the shadows. I am dressed up in my fancy little black dress, really wanting to be barefoot on the beach, skinny-dipping in the cool waters.

I planned my shot to include contrast. The funky painted bench. The solid black dress. The light and shadows. The balance I seek.

You see, I am an odd mixture of girly-girl and tomboy-hippie.
I love my social life, yet require solitude.
I am a sun worshipper, yet love a cozy rainy day.

The change I seek is inside. I have the choice to slow down, re-evaluate my obligations that seem to weigh me down. I am working my way back to center. A place that will become a calm balance for me. A familiar peace.

How do you get back to your own center? What practices do you use to maintain balance in your own restless spirit? Tell me. And if you chose to illustrate something YOU are ready for, please use hashtags #sheisthreedotcom #sheisready so we can find you and support you.

Here is my one minute video talking about my self portrait process.


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She is ready ~ Bella

“She is ready for new things.” ~Bella
I feel like August is my “shake it up” month. Having just come out of leading a month long e-course in self care means I am ready to move, groove, and welcome all new things into my world. The truth is, this has been a summer filled with so many new things because it is the first summer in a very long time that I haven’t worked at a nine to five job.

I have been craving space in the form of blank slates and purged closets. I have been organizing shelves and getting rid of all the old things like spices, dried up paints, and kitchen items I hardly ever use. I work, throw, move in a frenzy. The quicker the space is made the more calmer I feel. It’s like I know something big is waiting to come in and I am in preparation mode.

I don’t know what it is.
I’m not worried either.
I’m ready for anything.

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She is ready



Are you ready?!  August is already underway and we’re moving into a new phase of the year.  The summer is starting to wind down and students will be heading back to school in a matter of weeks.  We all seem to be getting ready for something this month, whether it is school-related or not.  What kind of change are you ready for?  What are you ready to do?  What action are you ready to take?  We invite you to use our August prompt as a launching pad as you think about where you are heading this month.  Try using self-portraiture to answer these questions visually.  Don’t forget to use the hashtags #sheisthreedotcom #sheisready so we can find you on Instagram! We love seeing you and featuring you there, too!


We will share the quotes and the written stories behind our photos here on the blog on the 14th, 21st, and 28th of this month.  Do come back then to get the full scoop!  In the meantime, here is a little video of each of us sharing some information from the locations where we shot our self-portraits.


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