She paused ~ Deb

“She paused just in time to be reminded of her possible future.” ~Deb

It had been a long, hard day.
Packing, painting, scraping, cleaning, preparing our home to move into.
I was weary, longing for my nest to be organized, cute and free of boxes and empty paint cans!

I stood beside my driveway to admire this blooming message of hope.
The yard is dry and sandy, with no more grass after an unusual drought in Florida. The weeds are brown and crunchy.

Yet a thing of beauty was growing out from the cracks.
Reaching upwards to remind me of the bright future just ahead, a new beginning…
colorful, vibrant, fresh and quite possibly better than ever before!!

We are surrounded with secret messages everywhere we go.
Look up. Look down. Look around.
I am willing to bet you see one right away, this day!
And won’t you come back to tell me about it here?


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9 Responses to She paused ~ Deb

  1. nicely stated Deb. I wholeheartedly agree. We cannot see the beauty if we don’t be quiet, be still and breathe in the beauty of it all.
    Thanks for sharing . love it

  2. so true…beauty is abundant and whispers her secrets to us if we just pause, look and listen with our hearts.

  3. Lyn Keil

    Amazingly tough and beautiful little flower. It truly knows how to “bloom where planted”. Just like you do.

  4. yes
    ”’secret messages everywhere we go..”’
    i call them
    as for me they point the way—->
    Go forward—>
    Look at this—>
    Make a smile—>


    {{ i think you R one smart cookie ? }}

  5. every day deb. every single day. i breathe the clean air of possibilities. so happy for you and mike. that you took in your breath. the breath of possibilities. and when you let it out. this move is what you found. sweet peace. namaste.

    just BE.

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